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umichAbout the University of Michigan

The University of Michigan comprises three campuses and more than 58,000 students, 1,400 student organizations, 543 major buildings, more than 8 million library volumes, and 19 schools and colleges. The university is a global leader known for advancing all aspects of life: health, law and public policy, the arts and humanities, science and technology. The essence of the university is the academic diversity of its schools and colleges, many of which are among the best in the country, and the degree of interdisciplinary cooperation among them. The University of Michigan schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Information, Law, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work are ranked among the best in the country.

Teacher Preparation at the University of Michigan

At the University of Michigan, with a faculty that includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in mathematics, science, and education, we focus on innovative approaches that provide the education, training, and in-classroom experiences that produce teachers who will make a difference in the lives of children. The teacher preparation program for Fellows at the University of Michigan offers teacher certification in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or physics.

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