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wmichAbout Western Michigan University

Located in Kalamazoo, Mich., midway between Detroit and Chicago, Western Michigan University is a national research university with a diverse international enrollment of 25,000 students. Founded in 1903 as a teachers college, the University has kept teacher preparation as an important part of its mission. It has developed a national reputation in such fields as mathematics education reform and graduate-level science education. In addition, the University is home to an internationally recognized Evaluation Center with a track record in developing evaluation tools to be used for schools and school personnel. WMU has also developed an award-winning school/University partnership for placing teaching interns with master teachers.

Teacher Preparation at Western Michigan University

wmich-pageSince its creation as the Western State Normal School, WMU has long stood for excellence in teacher preparation. Today WMU’s College of Education and Human Development grants one-quarter of all the university’s graduate degrees, offering a full range of programs focused on teaching and other education-related specialties. In particular, the College hosts innovative graduate programs in science and math education that are offered jointly with the College of Arts and Sciences. More information.

Tuition and Assistance at Western Michigan University

The cost of attending WMU in 2012 was approximately $17,500 for residents and non-residents. Click here for more Michigan partner university tuition information.

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