Name Position Extension Email
Abat Tang, Martina Program Assistant for Online Recruitment 126 abattang/at/woodrow.org
Berg Wright, Jamie Budget Officer 177 berg/at/woodrow.org
Braxton, Symeon Director of Fellowship Solutions 326 braxton/at/woodrow.org
Buntrock, LeAnn Program Director, Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership buntrock/at/woodrow.org
Capoor, Ram Chief Financial Officer capoor/at/woodrow.org
Clark, Ray Senior Advisor clark/at/woodrow.org
Crafton, Susie Chief Development Officer 301 crafton/at/woodrow.org
Cremer, Jason Fellowship Application Administrator 144 cremer/at/woodrow.org
Crowe, Ed Senior Advisor, Teaching Fellowships crowe/at/woodrow.org
Foley, Christine Program Assistant for Fellow Support 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Foran, Jane Operations Manager 117 foran/at/woodrow.org
Fraser, James Senior Advisor, Teaching Fellowships fraser/at/woodrow.org
Gallos, Anna Program Assistant for Fellow Selection, Teaching Fellowships 324 gallos/at/woodrow.org
Gordon, Arianna Executive Assistant to the President 137 gordon/at/woodrow.org
Hannan, Frances Micklow Director of Multimedia Projects | Program Officer, WW CTE Media Fellowship 131 hannan/at/woodrow.org
Hogans, Jere Smith Program Officer, Newcombe Fellowship; Women's Studies Fellowship 142 hogans/at/woodrow.org
Laryea, Bernard Chief Technology Officer laryea/at/woodrow.org
Levine, Arthur President Emeritus and Senior Fellow levine/at/woodrow.org
Lloyd, Sue Director of Fellowship Application Administration 127 lloyd/at/woodrow.org
Malone, Daria Program Assistant, Mellon Programs & CTE Media Fellowship 135 malone/at/woodrow.org
Meinzer, Melanie Mellon Program Officer 121 meinzer/at/woodrow.org
Mukherjee, Ritu Program Associate, Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program 134 mukherjee/at/woodrow.org
Nagle, Joye Chief Financial Officer, WW Academy of Teaching and Learning 145 nagle/at/woodrow.org
Ndiba, Neema Admissions Counselor, Teaching Fellowships 161 ndiba/at/woodrow.org
Pinch, Judith Senior Advisor jlp/at/woodrow.org
Rogers, Bethany NJ & PA State Director, Teaching Fellowships 163 rogers/at/woodrow.org
Sanford, Beverly Vice President / Secretary to the Board 181 sanford/at/woodrow.org
Schmitt-Carey, Mary Anne Senior Fellow schmitt-carey/at/woodrow.org
Smith, Lindsay Director of Marketing & Recruitment Strategy 187 lsmith/at/woodrow.org
Stigale, Maria Receptionist/Development Assistant, Administrative Services 100 maria/at/woodrow.org
Vinnakota, Rajiv President 124 vinnakota/at/woodrow.org
Walizer, Marue Senior Advisor walizer/at/woodrow.org
Watson, Audra Director of WW Teaching Fellowships Program 140 watson/at/woodrow.org
Winter, Colin Deputy Director, WW MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership winter/at/woodrow.org
Central Administration
Administrative Services Foran, Jane 117 foran/at/woodrow.org
Gordon, Arianna 137 gordon/at/woodrow.org
Stigale, Maria 100 maria/at/woodrow.org
Communications Hannan, Frances Micklow 131 hannan/at/woodrow.org
Sanford, Beverly 181 sanford/at/woodrow.org
Smith, Lindsay 187 lsmith/at/woodrow.org
Development Crafton, Susie 301 crafton/at/woodrow.org
Stigale, Maria 100 maria/at/woodrow.org
Financial Staff Berg Wright, Jamie 177 berg/at/woodrow.org
Capoor, Ram capoor/at/woodrow.org
Nagle, Joye 145 nagle/at/woodrow.org
Information Technology Cremer, Jason 144 cremer/at/woodrow.org
Laryea, Bernard laryea/at/woodrow.org
Lloyd, Sue 127 lloyd/at/woodrow.org
President’s Office Gordon, Arianna 137 gordon/at/woodrow.org
Vinnakota, Rajiv 124 vinnakota/at/woodrow.org
Senior Advisors Clark, Ray clark/at/woodrow.org
Crowe, Ed crowe/at/woodrow.org
Fraser, James fraser/at/woodrow.org
Levine, Arthur levine/at/woodrow.org
Pinch, Judith jlp/at/woodrow.org
Walizer, Marue walizer/at/woodrow.org
Programs and Initiatives
Career Enhancement Fellowships Meinzer, Melanie 121 meinzer/at/woodrow.org
Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Hogans, Jere Smith 142 hogans/at/woodrow.org
Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program Meinzer, Melanie 121 meinzer/at/woodrow.org
Mukherjee, Ritu 134 mukherjee/at/woodrow.org
MMUF Dissertation Grants and Travel/Research Grants Meinzer, Melanie 121 meinzer/at/woodrow.org
The W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowship Foley, Christine 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson Academy of Teaching and Learning Nagle, Joye 145 nagle/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies Hogans, Jere Smith 142 hogans/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship Foley, Christine 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership Buntrock, LeAnn buntrock/at/woodrow.org
Winter, Colin winter/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson New Jersey Teaching Fellowship Foley, Christine 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Rogers, Bethany 163 rogers/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship Foley, Christine 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships Abat Tang, Martina 126 abattang/at/woodrow.org
Crowe, Ed crowe/at/woodrow.org
Foley, Christine 325 foley/at/woodrow.org
Fraser, James fraser/at/woodrow.org
Gallos, Anna 324 gallos/at/woodrow.org
Ndiba, Neema 161 ndiba/at/woodrow.org
Rogers, Bethany 163 rogers/at/woodrow.org
Watson, Audra 140 watson/at/woodrow.org


Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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