27,000 Leaders, 15 Nobel Laureates, and More

Through its array of programs, Woodrow Wilson has been privileged to support the development of more than 27,000 leaders—teachers and scholars, leaders and business people, university presidents and administrators, artists and innovators. Many Fellows from various Woodrow Wilson programs have achieved notable national or international honors and distinguished positions, including those listed at the links above. A great many more continue to publish new work and receive recognition for their teaching and research. Find out more about some of our Fellows on our Fellows listing page or on WW Perspectives.

“The Newcombe was immensely important to me because it gave me what all scholars need most—which is time to write… I was able to take Pox Americana [her dissertation and first book] and basically publish it within two years of receiving my Ph.D. …. Given the current zeitgeist of the arts and the humanities today, I think it’s more important than ever to have these sorts of fellowships available. We need more of them, to be quite honest.” -Elizabeth A. Fenn CN ’98, 2015 Pulitzer Prize for History

“It was that year at Minnesota [through my Woodrow Wilson Fellowship] that got me perfectly set up for a graduate career and academic career that I subsequently had, including being an educator and professor of psychology at Stanford.” -Gordon H. Bower WF ’54, 2005 National Medal of Science



Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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