College and University Presidents

Daniel Porterfield MN ’89, the Former President of Franklin & Marshall College

David Alexander WF ’62, TE (deceased)
President Emeritus, Pomona College

Carmen Twillie Ambar PP ’89
President, Oberlin College; Former President, Cedar Crest College

James Armstrong WF ’46 (deceased)
Former President, Middlebury College

Merrill J. Bateman WF ’60
President Emeritus, Brigham Young University

Douglas J. Bennet, Jr. WF ’59 (deceased)
Former President, Wesleyan University

Robert M. Berdahl WF ’59
Chancellor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley; Former President, University of Texas at Austin

J. Herman Blake WF ’60
Former Vice Chancellor, Indiana University/Purdue University; Former President, Tougaloo College

Leon Botstein WF ’61
President, Bard College

William G. Bowen WF ’55 (deceased)
Former President, Princeton University

Christopher N. Breiseth WF ’58
Former President, Wilkes University

Murray W. Brockman WF ‘67
President Emeritus, SC Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics

Richard H. Brodhead WF ’68
President Emeritus, Duke University

John E. Brown WF ’61
President Emeritus, Coe College

Mary B. Bullock WF ’66
President Emerita, Agnes Scott College

David A. Caputo WF ’65
President Emeritus, Pace University; Former President, Hunter College

William Chace WF ’61
Former President, Emory University; Former President, Wesleyan University

Julius L. Chambers WF ’58 (deceased)
Former Chancellor, North Carolina Central University

Carol T. Christ WF ’66
Chancellor, UC-Berkeley; Former President, Smith College

Elizabeth Coleman WF ’58, FT
Former President, Bennington College

James R. Connor WF ’51, TE (deceased)
Former Chancellor, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Henry J. Copeland WF ’60
President Emeritus, College of Wooster

Ronald A. Crutcher WF ’69
President, University of Richmond; Former President, Wheaton College (MA)

Joel L. Cunningham WF ’65
Former Vice Chancellor and President, University of the South; Former President, Susquehanna University

Christopher C. Dahl WF ’68
President Emeritus, SUNY at Geneseo

Nancy C. DeSombre WF ’61
Former President, Harold Washington College, Chicago

William J. Farrell WF ’58 (deceased)
Former President, Plymouth State; Former President, Rivier College; Former Chancellor, University System of New Hampshire

Drew Gilpin Faust WF ’70
President Emeritus, Harvard University

Pamela Ferguson WF ’65 H (deceased)
Former President, Grinnell College

Horace W. Fleming, Jr. WF ’68 DS (deceased)
Former President, University of Southern Mississippi

Benjamin Fiore WF ’64
Former President, University of Regina

Harold D. Germer, Jr. WF ’61 (deceased)
President Emeritus, Ottawa University

Richard B. Gilman WT ’84 (deceased)
Former President, Holy Cross College

Robert F. Goheen WF ’45, TE (deceased)
President Emeritus, Princeton University

Joseph M. Gratto WF ’62
President Emeritus, Potomac State College

R. Stanton R. Hales WF ’64
President Emeritus, College of Wooster

Lesley M. Hallick WF ’67
President, Pacific University

William R. Harvey, AF ’80
President, Hampton University

Charles E. Hathaway III WF ’58
Former Chancellor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Alexander Heard WF (deceased)
Chancellor Emeritus, Vanderbilt University

Helen Heineman WF ’57
Former President, Framingham State College

Lee W. Huebner WF ’62
Former President, American University, Paris

Ellen S. Hurwitz WF ’64
Former President, New England College

Elizabeth T. Kennan WF ’60
President Emerita, Mount Holyoke College

Shirley Strum Kenny WF ’56, TR
Former President, SUNY at Stony Brook; Former President, CUNY at Queens College

Nannerl O. Keohane WF ’61
Former President, Duke University; Former President, Wellesley College

Christoph M. Kimmich WF ’61 H
Former President, CUNY-Brooklyn College

Reatha Clark King WF ’58
Former President, Metropolitan State College

Harry J. Knopke WF ‘68
Former President, Aquinas College

Carl Kohrt WF ’69
Former Interim President, Furman University

Darrell W. Krueger WF ’70 DS
Former President, Winona State University

Richard C. Levin WF ’68
Former President, Yale University

Daniel E. Little WF ’71
Former Chancellor, University of Michigan—Dearborn

Sr. Mary A. Matesich, O.P. WF ’62 H (deceased)
Former President, Ohio Dominican College

Richard McCormick WF ’69
President Emeritus, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; Former President, University of Washington

Curtis L. McCray WF ‘60
Former President, National Louis University

Donald W. McNemar WF ’65
Former President, Guilford College

Marty Meehan HEP ‘18
President, University of Massachusetts

Charles R. Middleton WF ’65
Former President, Roosevelt University

Kathryn J. Mohrman WF ’67
Former President, Colorado College

Richard L. Morrill WF ’61
Chancellor, University of Richmond

Barry Munitz WF ’63
Former Chancellor, California State University system

Michael B. Murphy WF ‘67H
Former President, De Anza College

Diana Natalicio WF ‘61
Former President, University of Texas-El Paso

Jeanne Neff WS ’75
Former President, Sage Colleges

Elizabeth Parr-Johnston WF ’61
Former President, University of New Brunswick; Former President, Mount Saint Vincent University (Nova Scotia)

Laurie L. Patton CN ‘90
President, Middlebury College

Richard E. Peck WF ’61
Former President, The University of New Mexico; Former President, Arizona State University; Former President, University of South Florida

David H. Porter WF ’58 (deceased)
Former President, Skidmore College

Gregory S. Prince, Jr. WF ’66
Former President, Hampshire College

Daniel Porterfield MN ’89
Former President, Franklin & Marshall College

Carol Quillen MN ’83
President, Davidson College

Hunter R. Rawlings, III WF ’66
President, Association of American Universities (AAU); Former President, Cornell University; Former President, University of Iowa

Jehuda Reinharz WF ’70
President Emeritus, Brandeis University

W. Ann Reynolds WF ’58
Former President, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Former Chancellor, CUNY; Former Chancellor, California State University System

B. Gresham Riley WF ’60
Former President, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; Former President, Colorado College

Jose J. Rivera-Rodriguez WF’67
Former President, Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico

Judith S. Rodin WF ’66 H
President, Rockefeller Foundation; Former President, University of Pennsylvania

Joel M. Rodney WF ‘59
President Emeritus, Penn State-York

Judy R. Rogers WF ’65
Former President, Cottey College

Katherine A. Rowe MN’84
President, College of William & Mary

Ira H. Rubenzahl WF ’66 H
Former President, Capitol Community College

Richard R. Rush WF ’70
Former President, California State University, Channel Islands; Former President, Mankato State University

Robert F. Sasseen WF ’57 (deceased)
President Emeritus, University of Dallas

Judith R. Shapiro WF ’63 H
President Emerita, Barnard College

Graham B. Spanier WF ’72
Former President, Pennsylvania State University

Samuel W. Speck WF ’59
Former President, Muskingum College

Robert A. Spivey WF ’54
Former President, Randolph Macon Women’s College

Peter W. Stanley WF ’62
Former President, Pomona College

David J. Steinberg WF ‘61
Former President, Long Island University

Haywood L. Strickland WF ’60
Former President, Wiley College

Carl J. Strikwerda CN ’81
President, Elizabethtown College

Helena J. Sturnick WF ‘61
Former President, Montserrat College of Art

Baird Tipson WF ’66
Former President, Washington College; Former President, Wittenberg University

Susan Traverso WS ‘91
President, Thiel College

Martin C. White WF ’71 DS
Chancellor, Former President, Chowan University; Former President, Gardner-Webb University

William E. Whitelaw WF ‘63
Former President, University of Oregon

David Wilson AF ’84
President, Morgan State University

Paula Wolff WF ’67
Former President, Governors State University

Richard J. Wood WF ’59 H
Former President, Earlham College

Robert L. Woodbury WF ’60 (deceased)
Former Chancellor, University of Maine System

Steve Wrigley HEP ‘18
Chancellor, University System of Georgia

Barbara B. Zikmund WF ’64
Former President, Hartford Seminary

last updated October 2018

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