MacArthur Fellows

Jose Quinonez PP ’93 at his office in San Fransisco. (photo courtesy of: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)

Robert Axelrod WF ’64
1987 MacArthur Fellow, political science
Walgreen Professor for the Study of Human Understanding • University of Michigan

Caroline Walker Bynum WF ’62
1986 MacArthur Fellow, religious studies
University Professor Emerita • Columbia University
Professor Emerita of Western Medieval History • Institute for Advanced Study

Nancy D. Cartwright WF ’66
1993 MacArthur Fellow, history and philosophy of science
Professor of Philosophy • The University of California, San Diego

Patricia Smith Churchland WF ’65
1991 MacArthur Fellow, philosophy
UC President’s Professor of Philosophy • The University of California, San Diego

Maria Luisa Crawford WF ’60
1993 MacArthur Fellow, earth and environmental sciences
Research Professor and Professor Emerita of Geology • Bryn Mawr College

John C. Eaton WF ’57
1990 MacArthur Fellow, music
Professor Emeritus of Music • The University of Chicago

Shelly Errington WF ’66
1981 MacArthur Fellow, cultural anthropology
Professor of Anthropology • The University of California, Santa Cruz

Faye D. Ginsburg CN ’82
1994 MacArthur Fellow, cultural anthropology
David B. Kriser Professor of Anthropology • New York University

Stephen Jay Gould WF ’63, deceased
1981 MacArthur Fellow, ecology and evolution
Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology • Harvard University

Robert M. Greenstein WF H ’67
1996 MacArthur Fellow, public policy/economics
Founder and President • Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

James E. Gunn WF ’61
1983 MacArthur Fellow, astronomy
Eugene Higgins Professor of Astronomy • Princeton University

Robert Hass WF ’63
1984 MacArthur Fellow, poetry
Distinguished Professor in Poetry and Poetics • The University of California at Berkeley

Daniel H. Janzen WF ’61
1989 MacArthur Fellow, ecology and evolution
Professor of Biology and Thomas G. and Louise E. DeMaura Term Chair • University of Pennsylvania

Jacqueline Jones WF ’74
1999 MacArthur Fellow, American history
Walter Prescott Webb Chair in History and Ideas and Mastin Gentry White Professor in Southern History • The University of Texas at Austin

David N. Keightley WF ’53
1986 MacArthur Fellow, history
Professor Emeritus of History • The University of California, Berkeley

Nancy Kopell WF ’63
1990 MacArthur Fellow, neuroscience
Professor of Mathematics and Co-Director, Center for BioDynamics • Boston University

Ann Lauterbach WF ’64
1993 MacArthur Fellow, poetry
David and Ruth Schwab Professor of Languages and Literature • Bard College

Suzanne Lebsock WF ’75
1992 MacArthur Fellow, American history
Emeritus Board of Governors Professor of History • Rutgers University

Michael Lerner WF ’65
1984 MacArthur Fellow, public health and medicine
Co-Founder and President • Commonweal
Co-Founder and President Emeritus • Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Donella H. Meadows WF ‘ 63, deceased
1994 MacArthur Fellow, environment and conservation
Professor of Environmental Studies • Dartmouth College

Erik Mueggler MN ’87
2002 MacArthur Fellow, cultural anthropology
Professor of Anthropology • University of Michigan

Michael J. Piore WF ’62
1984 MacArthur Fellow, economics
David W. Skinner Professor of Political Economy Emeritus • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

José A. Quiñonez PP ’93
2016 MacArthur Fellow, financial services
Founder and CEO • Mission Asset Fund

Arnold Rampersad WW Black Scholar
1991 MacArthur Fellow, biography
Professor Emeritus of English • Stanford University
Former WW National Advisory Committee Member

Jane S. Richardson WF ’62
1985 MacArthur Fellow, chemistry
James B. Duke Professor of Biochemistry • Duke University

Lawrence Rosen WF ’63
1981 MacArthur Fellow, cultural anthropology
William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Anthropology • Princeton University

David Rumelhart WF ’63, deceased
1987 MacArthur Fellow, psychology and cognitive science
Professor of Psychology • Stanford University

Thomas M. Scanlon WF ’61
1993 MacArthur Fellow, philosophy
Alford Professor of Natural Religion, Moral Philosophy, and Civil Polity • Harvard University

Robert Shapley WF ’65
1986 MacArthur Fellow, neuroscience
Natalie Clews Spencer Professor of the Sciences, Center for Neural Science • New York University

Ellen Kovner Silbergeld WF ’67
1993 MacArthur Fellow, medical science
Professor and Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Research, Bloomberg School of Public Health • Johns Hopkins University

David Stuart MN ’89
1984 MacArthur Fellow, linguistics
Linda and David Schele Professor of Mesoamerican Art and Writing • University of Texas at Austin

Joseph H. Taylor, Jr. WF ’63
1981 MacArthur Fellow, astronomy
Professor Emeritus of Physics • Princeton University

John E. Toews WF ’66
1986 MacArthur Fellow, history
Joff Hanauer Distinguished University Professor for Western Civilization • University of Washington

Karen K. Uhlenbeck WF ’64
1983 MacArthur Fellow, mathematics
Professor and Sid W. Richardson Regents Chairholder, Department of Mathematics • University of Texas, Austin

Laurel Thatcher Ulrich WS ’78
1992 MacArthur Fellow, American history
300th Anniversary University Professor • Harvard University

Ellen Bryant Voigt WF ’64
2015 MacArthur Fellow, poetry
Faculty, M.F.A. in Creative Writing • Warren Wilson College

Henry T. Wright WF ’64
1993 MacArthur Fellow, archaeology
Albert Clanton Spaulding Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology; Curator of Near Eastern Archaeology, Museum of Anthropology • University of Michigan

Tara Zahra MN ’99
2014 MacArthur Fellow, east European history
Professor of East European History • University of Chicago

last updated October 2016

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