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msu-Campus1About Montclair State University

Long recognized as the leader in education programs in New Jersey, the College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University (MSU) is ranked in the top 20 in the nation in both elementary and secondary teacher preparation by U.S. News & World Report in its rankings of America’s Best Graduate Schools and has been listed as one of ten institutions nationwide blazing the trail to better education practices by Edutopia, widely regarded as the leading resource for schools for the twenty-first century.

Montclair State received the 2010 Wisniewski Award from the Society of Professors of Education at the Annual Meeting of AERA (American Educational Research Association). This annual award recognizes an institution that has made “singularly significant contributions to the theory and practice of teacher education.”

Teacher Preparation at MSU

NMUTR-Eastside-High-SchoolWorking from the model of medical residencies, the Residency provides on-site graduate education, intensive classroom experiences with a master teacher, and three years of professional support in the schools where they teach. The MAT in Mathematics or Science will take twelve months to complete, including course work and community experiences during the summer. Based upon research about successful programs, the Residency:

  • Embeds Fellows from day one in schools, focusing their master’s degree coursework on classroom experiences.
  • Provides on-site all the coursework needed for a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and state certification.
  • Matches the Fellow with a highly qualified master teacher mentor.
  • Provides intensive induction support, mentoring, and professional development through the first three years of teaching.
  • Provides additional professional development support to the master teachers and school leaders to reinforce the school’s focus on learning and continuous improvement at all levels.

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Schools/Districts Working With MSU

Montclair is working in partnership with two school districts:

The Newark Public Schools, Orange Public Schools, and Montclair State University are true partners in effective teacher preparation: sharing facilities, co-leading teaching experiences and coursework, as well as identifying and strengthening models of excellence. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows Residency is not just about supplying districts with new teachers—it recruits and prepares outstanding teachers with a passion for urban education, deep commitment and dedication to the Newark and Orange communities, and a relentless focus on high levels of student engagement and achievement.

Tuition and Assistance at MSU

The estimated cost of tuition at Montclair State University is $14,418.60 for both NJ residents and for non-residents. Click here for more New Jersey partner university tuition information.

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