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Access & Opportunity

  • The MMUF Travel and Research Grants provide assistance in completing research prior to the start of dissertation writing.
    • The 2020 application is due March 13, 2020.
  • The MMUF Dissertation Grants support doctoral candidates nearing the completion of their dissertations.
    • The 2020 application deadline is closed. 
  • The Career Enhancement Fellowships create opportunities for junior faculty members to strengthen their tenure dossiers and connect with faculty colleagues who can mentor them through the tenure process.
    • The 2020 application is now closed.
  • The Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship seeks to increase the presence of MMUF Fellows among tenure-track faculty in core fields of the arts and humanities.
    • The 2020 application is now closed.
  • For MMUF Fellows, The Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program (Mellon Mays GAP) helps Mellon Mays Fellows who have recently graduated maintain their graduate school ambitions and progress towards an academic career.
    • Mellon Mays GAP events and track starts happen throughout the year. For more info, email [email protected].


Faculty Development

  • The Mellon Emerging Faculty Leaders Award is designed to support junior faculty as they work towards achieving tenure.
    • The 2020 application deadline is closed. 

Religion & Ethics

Teaching Fellowships

  • The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships are state-based programs that seek to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology into teaching in high-need urban and rural secondary schools. There is currently one state program. Other states are expected to launch Woodrow Wilson state teaching fellowship programs in the future.

American History

  • The Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship offers professional development for middle and high school American history teachers in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The program aims to use the power of games, play, and digital tools to transform both teacher practice and student engagement. In the long term, it may also provide a new disciplinary resource for university-based teacher preparation.
    • The 2020 application deadline is February 19, 2020.

Women & Gender

For information about the Foundation’s past programs, click here.

Higher Education

  • The Woodrow Wilson Higher Education Media Fellowship aims to increase the number of journalists with the tools and networks to provide richer and more comprehensive coverage of postsecondary education, particularly career and technical education.
    • Applications for the fall 2020 class are due by May 22, 2020.

Application deadline and program updates

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Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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