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Access & Opportunity


Faculty Development

  • The Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholars Award, is designed to support junior faculty as they work towards achieving tenure. Five 12-month awards of $10,000 will be made in the 2015–16 academic year. This one-time Fellowship program will support a small cadre of emerging faculty leaders whose careers promise—like Dr. Malkiel’s—to play a significant role in shaping American higher education.year.

Religion & Ethics

Teaching Fellowships

American History

  • The Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship, developed with the Institute of Play in New York City, offers professional development for middle and high school American history teachers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The program aims to use the power of games, play, and digital tools to transform both teacher practice and student engagement. In the long term, it may also provide a new disciplinary resource for university-based teacher preparation.

Women & Gender

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