Brewer Fellowship to Unite America

WW is now the Institute for Citizens & Scholars. Visit our new website.


WW is now the Institute for Citizens & Scholars. Visit our new website.

The Brewer Fellowship to Unite America aims to strengthen our democracy by providing robust professional and capacity-building opportunities for leaders from across the political spectrum. This crosspartisan Fellowship is designed to help organization leaders grow so they can sustain and scale their organizations and establish a more representative and functional government. The Brewer Fellowship will also allow fellows to strengthen personal relationships with key allies in their field built on mutual trust and understanding.

About the Program

The Brewer Fellowship is administered in partnership with Cultivate the Karass and funded by the Unite America Fund. The 18-month Fellowship is cohort-based. Fellows will attend a series of professional and capacity-building retreats and coaching sessions.

Goals of the program:

  • Support Fellows’ personal leadership journey and professional development;
  • Provide Fellows the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with other leaders in the field and build a robust cross-partisan network, including developing a shared vision, identifying mutually reinforcing activities, and documenting collective goals;
  • Help Fellows strengthen the capacity of their organizations to be effective and sustainable in the voters first movement;
  • Strengthen our democracy by building a pipeline of leaders who skillfully collaborate and solve complex problems together, regardless of ideological differences.


The Brewer Fellowship is dedicated to the legacy of Jacob “Jake” Brewer (1981–2015), a political organizer and social activist who served as senior policy adviser to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Obama Administration.  Throughout his life, Jake continuously dismantled political, cultural and religious barriers in order to create unlikely coalitions to tackle intractable social problems.

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If you would like to learn more about the Brewer Fellowship, please email Symeon Braxton at [email protected].

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