Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching

The application window for the 2019 Course Hero-WW Fellowship competition is now closed.

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Applicants eligible for the non-tenure-track Course Hero-WW Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching will be instructors teaching at least two undergraduate-level courses per semester/term, with three to seven years’ experience in their positions. They must be able to demonstrate positive institutional evaluations of their teaching. Applicants who will be transitioning to tenured positions or going on leave/hiatus during the award year will be ineligible. Although the non-tenure-track Fellowship may be used to buy out course time, recipients must commit to teaching at least one course during the award period, so as to continue to provide and hone excellent undergraduate teaching.


Course Hero-WW Fellows may be working in any field in the humanities/social sciences, the life sciences, mathematics and the physical sciences, or business. They will provide evidence of excellence and innovation in teaching at the undergraduate level. While scholarly research conducted by a non-tenure-track candidate may also provide evidence of depth and creativity in her or his teaching, the award will focus on the candidate’s accomplishments as a teacher.

The non-tenure-track Course Hero-WW Fellowship will recognize candidates who exhibit a commitment to outstanding undergraduate teaching practice that creates a new level of engagement for students in and beyond the classroom. In short, Fellows will be emerging heroes in their fields, on a clear trajectory to become great college educators. (For examples of the kind of teaching excellence Course Hero promotes, see https://www.coursehero.com/heroes.)

Exceptional candidates provide evidence of excellence in undergraduate teaching. Exceptional candidates teach in ways that

  • • build student confidence and mastery of a subject;
  • • encourage critical thinking;
  • • explore foundational concepts through the lens of broader themes and global events;
  • • promote the power of learning communities beyond the classroom;
  • • leverage technology to complement the classroom experience;
  • • consider and serve different learning styles;
  • • prepare students for lifelong learning; and
  • • can serve as replicable teaching models for other educators.



Selectors will examine non-tenure-track candidates’ evidence of excellence as educators in and beyond the classroom. Four non-tenure-track Course Hero-WW Fellows for Excellence in Teaching will be named for 2018–19.

All applications will first be screened for eligibility by Foundation staff and then be reviewed by a panel of academic leaders.

A group of finalists will be invited for interviews, and the panel will make the final selection of four Fellows. Interviews will take place by videoconference in early to mid-March 2019, with awards announced in April 2019.

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