Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship

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Frequently Asked Questions: Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship

General Fellowship Information

What does the Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellowship include?
The Fellowship includes a $10,000 stipend. The six-month Fellowship period allows Fellows to focus on the research and scholarship necessary to secure a tenure-track position. Fellows are also provided with an assigned mentor and a small informal professional network to provide support during the Fellowship and preparation for tenure-track applications.

Must I teach during the six-month Fellowship period?
Fellows must teach one course during this Fellowship.

When are new Fellowship awards announced?
New grant awards are announced in mid-to late February.

How is the stipend disbursed to Fellows?
Stipends are sent directly to the Fellows in January or June depending on the fellowship term.

If selected, may I defer the Fellowship?
Fellowships may not be deferred. Fellowships must begin in June 2020 for the fall term or December 2020 for the spring term.

What reporting is required of Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellows?
Career Enhancement Adjunct Faculty Fellows are required to submit a final report at the end of the grant period that includes a plan for application to tenure-track positions.  The Fellow is also required to keep the Woodrow Wilson Foundation abreast of their status in acquiring a tenure-track position. Fellows will receive occasional surveys from the foundation to monitor progress and be updated with targeted communications.



I have a doctoral degree other than a Ph.D.  Am I eligible to apply?
Applicant must hold a Ph.D. in order to be eligible for this fellowship.

I do not see my field of study in the list of eligible fields. Is my program eligible for support?
Only fields which have been designated by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation are eligible for support. To ask about the eligibility of a particular field you may contact us at [email protected].

Eligible Fields
HumanitiesAmerican and English Literatures, Foreign Languages and Literatures (including Area/Cultural/Ethnic/Gender Studies), Art History, Classics, Film, Cinema and Media Studies (theoretical focus) History, Linguistics, Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Performance Studies (theoretical focus), Philosophy and Political Theory, Religion and Theology, Theater (non-performance focus)
Social Sciences:  Anthropology and Archaeology, Demography, Geography and Population Studies, Sociology

Am I eligible if my field of study is categorized within the physical sciences (Computer Science, Earth/Environmental/Geological Sciences, Ecology, Geology, Mathematics, Oceanographic/Marine/Atmospheric/Planetary Science, Physics and Astronomy)?
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows whose field of study is in the physical sciences should contact us to inquire about their eligibility at [email protected]. Adjunct faculty in STEM disciplines who are not MMUF Fellows are not eligible for the award.

Are social work and clinical psychology eligible fields of study?
No, only fields designated by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation are eligible. (See listing above)


Application Submission

When must the application materials be received on the deadline date?
All application materials must be RECEIVED by 11:59pm on the November 8, 2019 deadline.

How may letters of recommendation be submitted?
Letters of recommendation should be submitted through the online application.


Any additional questions should be directed to Mellon Program Associate, Ritu Mukherjee, or Mellon Program Officer, Melanie Meinzer, at [email protected].

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