Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program

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The Mellon Mays Gap Assistance Program (Mellon Mays GAP) helps Mellon Mays Fellows who have recently graduated maintain their graduate school ambitions and progress towards an academic career.

About the Program

When there’s a gap between earning your undergraduate degree and pursuing your Ph.D., reduced contact with the academy, time management concerns, work-life balance, and other issues can make it more challenging to complete your application to a doctoral program.

Mellon Mays GAP provides the resources that Mellon Mays Fellows who are now successful graduate students and Ph.D.s cited as critical for getting through the gap year(s):

  • Structured template of gap year activities with staff follow-up and accountability with peers on your track.
  • Live and on-demand media resources including webinar courses, handouts, video interviews with more senior Fellows.
  • Predoctoral coaching and mentoring, regional events and virtual conversations.
  • Graduate school intensive bootcamps in spring and fall (most expenses paid) to prepare for graduate school.

Program Timeline

Fellows are placed on one of two tracks—either a six-month or a full-year curriculum—based on their timeline to apply to graduate school. The brief outline below lists available resources.

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Are you in a gap year and ready to apply in 2020, or planning to apply in 2021? Sign up here.

Are you a graduate student, postdoc, or faculty member interested in participating as a mentor or coach in this program? Sign up here.


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What is a Gap Year?

A gap is time spent between earning your undergraduate degree and applying to Ph.D programs. You’re considered a gap year Fellow if you've recently graduated and are:

  • working;
  • on fellowship;
  • traveling;
  • or enrolled in a terminal master’s degree program.


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