The Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

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Marzouq Alnusf • Northwestern University, philosophy
Global Racial Capitalism: How Race Matters to Global Justice

Nathaniel Berndt • Duke University, history
Descendants of Zabarkan, Citizens of the World: A History of Cosmopolitan Imagination in Decolonizing Niger, 1958-1974

Valerie Black • University of California, Berkeley, anthropology
Dehumanizing Care: An Ethnography of Mental Health Artificial Intelligence

Shannon Brick • CUNY Graduate Center, philosophy
Rehabilitating Authenticity

Erez DeGolan • Columbia University, religion
Affect in Power: Public Joy in Roman Palestine and the Lived Experience of the Rabbis

Amanda Joyce Hall • Yale University, history & African American studies
Triumph: Grassroots Activism against Apartheid and the Global Challenge to Anti-Black Racism, 1971-1991

Omar Hammad • Rutgers University, New Brunswick, media studies
Digital Islam: The Emergence of Muslim Counterpublics on Social Media

Anusha Hariharan • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, anthropology
“In Solidarity”: Feminist Friendship, Care and Ethical Life in Southern India

Gili Kliger • Harvard University, history
Colonial Reformation: Religion, Empire, and the Origins of Modern Social Thought

Abby Kulisz • Indiana University, religious studies
Sacred Friendship, Holy Hatred: Christian-Muslim Encounters with the Book in the Medieval Middle East

Tatiana Llaguno Nieves •New School for Social Research, politics
Paradoxes of Dependence: Towards a Political Theory of Our Dependent Condition

Gana Ndiaye • Boston University, anthropology
“Plastic Migrants”: Race, Performance, and the Making of a Senegalese Muslim Community in Brazil 

Alexis Riley • University of Texas at Austin, theatre and dance
Patient Acts: Performance, Disability, and the Making of Mad Memory

Kevin Rose • University of Virginia, religious studies
Living Green: The Neoliberal Climate of Protestant Environmentalism

Sherri Sheu • University of Colorado Boulder, history
“Parks for the People”: The National Park Service and the Long 1960s

Aaron Stamper • Princeton University, history
Reconfigured and Remade: A Sensory History of Islamic Granada’s Reformation as a Civitas Christiana, 1474-1614

*Alex Steers-McCrum • The Graduate Center, CUNY, philosophy
What Does “Native” Mean? Disentangling and Decolonizing Settler Terms and Categories
*Robert M. Adams–Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow in Philosophy

Raffaella Taylor-Seymour • University of Chicago, anthropology & comparative human development
Intimate Rites: Localizing Queerness through Ancestral Spiritualities in Contemporary Zimbabwe

**Claire Urbanski • University of California, Santa Cruz, feminist studies
On Sacred and Stolen Lands: Desecration and Spiritual Violence as United States Settler Colonialism
**Carpenter/Newcombe Fellow

Tara Weinberg • University of Michigan, history
Land ‘Bonds’: Imaginaries of Property Ownership in South Africa, 1900-1994

Karolina Wisniewska • University of Arizona, philosophy
Identity, Inequality, Injustice

Kristine Wright • Princeton University, religion
Bodies of Light and Knowledge: Mormon Women, Religious Authority and Theologies of Health


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