The Woodrow Wilson New Mexico MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership

  • The Foundation is currently going through the process of changing its name. Learn more here.


The Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership recruits and prepares outstanding leaders for schools and districts in participating states. The goal: to address the United States’ twin educational achievement gaps—the one between the nation’s lowest performing and its best schools, as well as the one between the nation’s best schools and their top international competitors. The Fellowship seeks both to prepare leaders who can bring all American schools up to world-class levels of performance and to develop a new gold standard for preparing education leaders.

The Fellowship

  • Fellows will receive a stipend to cover tuition for the MBA program and other expenses (see NMSU and UNM pages for details).
  • Fellows must be nominated by a local education leader/colleague before they are eligible to apply.
  • They attend a designated campus in the participating states (currently Indiana, New Mexico, and Wisconsin) and pursue their preparation in school districts partnering with those campuses.
  • They will be required to serve as principals in the identified schools for at least three years.
  • The Fellowship program will provide specialized preparation in areas such as leadership, finance, human resources, organizational change—all focusing on education.
  • The program will require 13 to 24 months of full-time study, depending on the institution.

More Info


  • Contact program director LeAnn Buntrock at [email protected] if you have general questions about the WW MBA Fellowship in Education Leadership.
  • To learn more about the program specifically at NMSU, contact Steven M. Elias [email protected].
  • To learn more about the program specifically at UNM, contact Audrey B. Arnold at [email protected].


Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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