Gifts of Stock

Donating securities may offer significant tax advantages. Before making a gift of stock, please notify Susie Crafton in the WW Development Office (609-945-7007 ex. 301 or [email protected]); please be prepared to provide the donor’s name and approximate number of shares of stock to be transferred.

Legal name: Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Tax ID number: 21-0703075

Securities Held by a Broker/Bank

If the shares to be gifted are held by a broker or bank, you will need to provide written instructions to authorize the transaction.  Here is some sample language:

I wish to make a gift to Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation of “X” shares of “ABC” Corporation. Please transfer the stock to the Foundation via DTC as follows:

Bank Name: UBS Financial Services
DTCC #: 0221
Account Name: Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Account #: KU63097

Securities Held Physically

If you hold a stock certificate, you will need to send the certificate(s), a copy of the letter that accompanied the certificate, and the original stock power form. Please note that you must send the certificate and stock power form separately.

  1. Download and print out a stock power form. If more than one stock certificate is being donated, where it says “represented by certificate(s)…” you can write see attached and attach a list.
  2. Sign the stock power form exactly as your name appears on the certificate.
  3. Provide a copy of a photo ID that includes a signature.
  4. Mail the certificate and the signed stock power form, in two separate envelopes, along with a copy of the letter that accompanied the certificate, to the following address:

The Gunderson Group
UBS Financial Services Inc.
1285 Avenue of the Americas, 18th floor
New York, NY 10019

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