Congratulations on your Teaching Fellowship! Please complete the form below to the greatest extent possible. You cannot save your progress and come back, so please have all of the necessary information before starting the form.

  • Part I: Communications Information

  • Please list your higher education institutions, graduation year, and major following the format: University Name 'YY, degree type, major

    For example: University of Texas '12, B.S., applied mathematics; Arizona State University '14, M.A., mathematics

  • University Contacts
    Please provide contact information for your most recent institution.
  • Alumni Association contact, either the director or the editor of the alumni magazine.
  • University News/Media Services Office, either the director or a writer/assistant director.
  • Department Chair, Dean of College, or Professor
  • News Outlets and/or Publications
    Please list up to three publications where you'd like us to send word of your Fellowship. We would like to contact your hometown/local paper; feel free also to list the newsletter of a professional group you belong to, or any other publication where you'd like us to send this news.
  • Part II: Bio Information

  • Please provide some bio information. For example: any relevant work experience, coaching experience, college extra-curricular organizations, lab work, work with students, etc.

    Please include the type of work you did (i.e., lab technician or math tutor) as well as where you worked or volunteered (i.e. college research lab or local nature center). We will adjust it before its publication.

    Bios will be presented in this format:
    Bethany Fowler | Uvalde, TX | Will attend: Rowan University
    • Undergraduate college, class, and major: University of Texas ‘12, applied mathematics
    • Graduate institution, year, and degree: Arizona State University ‘14, M.A., mathematics
    Teaching assistant/instructor, pre-calculus; math tutor; graduate researcher, mathematics instruction; math department grader; undergraduate researcher, t-cell receptors; volunteer leader for after-school science club with fifth and sixth graders; recipient of multiple scholarships; community volunteer.

  • Part III: Waiver

  • I release and hold harmless anyone using said material and waive any and all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses which I now have or may hereafter have by reason of any use of this material. I further certify that I am over the age of eighteen.

    As a new program designed to recruit teachers, the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship depends on its ability to engage the interest of potential future Fellows. To this end, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation has placed a very high priority on promoting the Fellowship by conveying a sense of candidates' experience, as well as of the substance and process of Fellows' ongoing preparation as teachers.

    The Foundation is therefore asking all candidates for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship to be prepared to be photographed, recorded, and/or interviewed throughout and beyond the Fellowship period. You may be approached for interviews, statements, photographs, or other documentation or commentary either by representatives of media outlets or by staff of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, primary funders of the fellowship, participating host institutions, or other institutions or agencies interested in the Fellowship.

  • Part IV: Social Media

  • We'd love to connect with you on social media! Please give us your twitter handle or facebook name if you have one. This is completely optional.



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