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Foundation Report: 2016

WW’s 2016 Foundation Report includes audited financials for 2016 and updates on the organization’s work during the year.

Fellowship, Spring 2016

In this issue: New Fellowship classes announced for Malkiel Fellowship, Women’s Studies Fellowship, and MMUF Grants; Diversity at WW; Profile of WW’s most senior Fellow; and more.


WW’s 2014-2015 Foundation Report includes audited financials for FY 2014, audited financials for FY 2015, and updates on the organization’s work during those two years.

Fellowship, Fall 2015

In this issue: WW launches WW Academy of Teaching and Learning; New MBA and WW TF Fellowship classes announced; Fellows win Pulitzer Prizes; Perspectives on digital learning; Fellow wins MacArthur “Genius Grant;” and more.

Equitable Access to Effective Teachers

Last year, the U.S. Department of Education announced its Excellent Educators for All initiative, a new effort seeking to ensure that students in high-need schools have equitable access to effective teachers. This month, all states are to submit their plans on how to achieve this goal. This new white paper highlights the lessons learned by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation in its efforts to identify, prepare, and support excellent teachers for high-need classrooms across the country through its Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program.


From Civic Ed to Civic Learning

The white paper by WW President Rajiv VInnakota aims to better understand how the work of funders, policymakers, educators, researchers, and nonprofit organizations comes together and interacts to produce the current system of civic education.

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