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FELLOWSHIP, Spring 2011

In this issue: Teaching Fellows in the Classroom; Sarah Phillips WS ’01 on Chernobyl at 25; James Chaffers MLK ’69 on the MLK Memorial; Celebrating three decades of Newcombe Fellows; New Fellows announced for Newcombe & WW-RBF Fellowships; New books from Robert Putnam WF ’63, James Kugel WF ’68, & Dan Crawford WF ’63 and more!

Teaching as a Second Career

A national survey of potential midcareer teacher candidates, conducted for Woodrow Wilson by Peter D. Hart Research Associates, includes commentary by Woodrow Wilson senior fellow David Haselkorn. This survey was made possible by a grant from MetLife Foundation.

Ensuring College Success: Scaffolding Experiences for Students and Faculty in an Early College School

The partnership between Brooklyn College and Science, Technology and Research (STAR) Early College School demonstrates how students benefit when colleges and high schools work together. STAR and its partners carefully designed a Transition Plan which gradually introduces students to college-going experiences and the demands of college coursework, while providing a wide variety of supports tailored to individual needs. Each component of the plan was created through college and high school faculty collaboration, fostered by formal and informal organizational structures of the partnership. Ensuring College Success is a joint publication of Jobs for the Future and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

The Responsive Ph.D.: Innovations in U.S. Doctoral Education

The Responsive Ph.D. (2000-2006) built on previous national studies and projects that identified a mismatch between the kinds of training Ph.D.s receive in graduate school and the careers available to them. The Responsive Ph.D. initiative sought to sharpen these findings into recommendations for change and to foster models for innovation that will provide a richer purpose and a richer population for doctoral education.

Diversity and the Ph.D.

Diversity and the Ph.D. looks at a range of mechanisms through which foundations, government agencies, and nonprofits have sought to recruit and retain more minority students in U.S. doctoral programs


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“The Fellowship is extremely valuable to me because of the time it provides to deepen my thinking and clarify my writing. It is an honor to join a community of other Fellows whose work has been so influential to my thinking.” -Nesrin Olla, 2018 Fellow

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