The Woodrow Wilson Foundation occasionally posts video from various events associated with the Foundation’s work. Following are a collection of clips that present a look at Woodrow Wilson and some of its partners.


WW Fellow’s students create solar design: not “shop class” anymore | WISH-TV 8

Ryan Cox, a 2011 WW Indiana Teaching Fellow from IUPUI, teaches engineering and technology at Sheridan High School in Sheridan, Indiana. As WISH-TV recently reported, his students have created an alternative energy plan to power their school. The local school board is considering the proposal. Original air date: November 16, 2012. More on the story in this three-minute video.

W. K. Kellogg Foundation-Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellows Featured on American Black Journal

WKKF-WW Michigan Teaching Fellows Alicia Lane, DeAndre Smith, and Damon Gatewood were featured on Detroit Public Television’s program American Black Journal. Hear about their experiences as Fellows and their commitment to improving student success in Michigan public schools. Original air date: February 19, 2012. + More…

The Game Changers: A documentary about the Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellows

The Game Changers follows the first-ever class of Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellows from their selection through their preparation and into the classroom, as they embark on careers that will change the lives of thousands of students in Indiana’s high-need urban and rural schools. + More…

2010 Woodrow Wilson Awards: Remarks

At the Woodrow Wilson Awards Dinner in Indianapolis on October 13, 2010, Governor James B. Hunt, Jr., Governor Mitch Daniels, and four WW Indiana Teaching Fellows spoke about the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship. + More…

Career Changers in the Classroom

Hear IUPUI Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellows Donald Byrd, Catherine Frazee, and Jeremy Sebens speak on their decisions to change careers and become teachers.

President Obama: STEM Teaching Important, Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships Cited

At a White House event honoring math and science teachers in January 2010, President Obama acknowledges the importance of STEM teaching and programs like the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships.

Announcement: The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships

Governor Ted Strickland, along with state and local education leaders, launch the Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowships at a March 2010 conference in Columbus.

Announcement: The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Woodrow Wilson Michigan Teaching Fellowships

Several clips from a November 2009 press conference in Detroit outline the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s creation of the new Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship program in Michigan.  + More…

A Look at the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships

A five-minute clip provides an overview of the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships program. In addition, a 30-second spot produced for the Big Ten network aired in fall 2010.

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Sandra Faber WF ’66 H

Astronomer and National Medal of Science Laureate Sandra Faber speaks about her inspiration and research. Dr. Faber was awarded the medal “for leadership in numerous path-breaking studies of extra-galactic astronomy and galaxy formation, and for oversight of the construction of important instruments, including the Keck telescopes.”

Ayana Arce CEF ’12

Dr. Ayana Arce, assistant professor of physics at Duke University, works with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider. See Dr. Arce in a video about the Large Hadron Collider.

Elissa Epel WH ’97

Associate professor in the University of California, San Francisco Department of Psychiatry, Dr. Elissa Epel explores the effects of chronic stress and ways to alleviate them. Dr. Epel explains why toxic stress is public health enemy #1 in this TED video.

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The Institute for Citizens & Scholars

This new identity reflects the organization’s twin commitments: to strengthen American education and to rebuild a flourishing civil society. Citizens & Scholars is the new name of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

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