The Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship

American History


Developed with the Institute of Play in New York City, the Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship offers professional development for middle and high school American history teachers in CT, MA, NJ, NYC and PA. The program aims to use the power of games, play, and digital tools to transform both teacher practice and student engagement. In the long term, it may also provide a new disciplinary resource for university-based teacher preparation. Learn more (desktop version)



Participation in the Woodrow Wilson HistoryQuest Fellowship is by invitation only.

Nominating principals and superintendents are encouraged to nominate teachers in teams of two or three and must affirm that their nominees will be encouraged and supported in the integration of games and simulations into the American history curriculum. Fellows nominated in teams of two or three will receive preference in the selection process.



Woodrow Wilson’s program partner, the Institute of Play, is nationally known for its use of gaming and play—digital and otherwise—to develop teachers, engage students, and individualize learning. As the founding partner of the Quest to Learn school, the Institute has received national attention for pioneering a new model of learning with a significant impact on student gains in critical areas like communication and problem-solving. Through initiatives like the TeacherQuest professional development program, the Institute demonstrates its commitment to transforming schools and supporting teachers through gaming and play.



Downloadable program overview [PDF] (desktop version)

If you would like more information or have questions about the WW HistoryQuest Fellowship, contact [email protected].