Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

Sandra M. Faber

WF ’66

Sandra Faber WF ’66 H is the University Professor Emerita of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Faber was awarded the 2017 Gruber Cosmology Prize for her work which “established many of the foundational principles underlying the modern understanding of the universe on the largest scales.” The Cosmology Prize, awarded by the Gruber Foundation, acknowledges and encourages further exploration in a field that shapes the way we perceive and comprehend our universe. In 2011, Dr. Faber received the National Medal of Science for her contributions to the Physical Sciences. Read more about Dr. Faber here. 

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“The Fellowship is extremely valuable to me because of the time it provides to deepen my thinking and clarify my writing. It is an honor to join a community of other Fellows whose work has been so influential to my thinking.” -Nesrin Olla, 2018 Fellow

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