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Help Sustain the Women’s Studies Fellowship

The WW Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies has been supporting outstanding Ph.D. candidates since 1974. These Fellows, conducting original, significant, interdisciplinary research on women’s and gender issues, have gone on to grow and shape the field of women’s studies. After nearly 50 years and more than 600 Fellows, the program needs your help. We need […]


Meet the Fellows: 2020 Newcombe Fellow Sofia Pinedo-Padoch

Sofia Pinedo-Padoch • Princeton University, anthropology Life After Death in New York City: An Ethnography of Public Administration Each year, Citizens & Scholars invites new Fellows to submit a brief story introducing themselves and/or their work. Here, 2020 Newcombe Fellow Sofia Pinedo-Padoch—a doctoral candidate in anthropology at Princeton University—describes her dissertation on how the state cares […]


Book Spotlight: The Upswing

The Upswing: How America Came Together a Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again (Simon & Schuster) By Robert D. Putnam WF ’63 and Shaylyn Romney Garrett A time when the United States was deeply polarized, highly individualistic, noticeably unequal: that might sound like a description of the present. But, according to Robert […]


Profiles in Giving Back: Dan Crawford

Dan Crawford’s 1963 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship helped launch him into a prestigious Ph.D. program and subsequently into a 46-year-long career as a philosophy and religion professor. Throughout the years he felt compelled to “give back,” specifically in support of higher education: “I found that my training in the liberal arts had liberated me from my […]


Citizens & Scholars Fellows win 2021 Guggenheim Fellowships

Out of nearly 3,000 applicants, 184 scholars, artists, and scientists were named as 2021 Guggenheim Fellows. Eight of those recognized come from the Citizens & Scholars network. The fellowships are awarded to “exceptional individuals in pursuit of scholarship in any field of knowledge and creation in any art form, under the freest possible conditions.” The […]


Meet the Fellows: 2020 Women’s Studies Fellow Emma Mishel

Emma Mishel • New York University, sociology Determinants of Labor Market Discrimination against Sexual Minorities in the US: An Intersectional and Experimental Analysis of Common Stereotypes Each year, Citizens & Scholars invites new Fellows to submit a brief story introducing themselves and/or their work.  Emma Mishel, a 2020 Women’s Studies Fellow, is a doctoral candidate […]


Ms. Sarah Mueller, Pittsburgh mentor teacher: On supporting a novice teacher

While enrolled in their master’s program, WW Teaching Fellows work alongside a mentor teacher for the entire school year. Mentor teachers are an integral part of the WW Teaching Fellowship experience—they share their teaching knowledge while simultaneously supporting Fellows’ growth. We spoke with Sarah Mueller, a teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) who is […]


Meet the Fellows: 2020 Newcombe Fellow Joanna Demaree-Cotton

Joanna Demaree-Cotton • Yale University, philosophy Rehabilitating Moral Agency in the Age of Cognitive Science Each year, Citizens & Scholars invites new Fellows to submit a brief story introducing themselves and/or their work.  This story is from 2020 Newcombe Fellow Joanna Demaree-Cotton. Joanna is a doctoral candidate in philosophy at Yale University whose dissertation asks whether […]



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