Profiles in Giving Back: Dan Crawford

Dan Crawford’s 1963 Woodrow Wilson Fellowship helped launch him into a prestigious Ph.D. program and subsequently into a 46-year-long career as a philosophy and religion professor. Throughout the years he felt compelled to “give back,” specifically in support of higher education: “I found that my training in the liberal arts had liberated me from my provincial background and overly-constricting values.”

Dr. Crawford has been a loyal and consistent donor to the Institute for Citizens & Scholars since his first gift in 1987. His support is rooted in the organization’s programming. “[Citizens & Scholars] has continuously produced innovative programs that meet real needs both in the educational realm and in the greater society,” he said. A few specific programs have been particularly important to him over the years:

I saw that programs opened doors for the underserved populations in society, enabling them to find their way out of poverty and discrimination. These programs were bringing minority groups—especially women and African Americans—into higher education (PhD programs) in fields where they had largely been excluded.

Further, these programs promoted studies in areas of academia that I had a special interest in, and that needed outside support, such as religion and women’s studies.

I appreciated the initiative in improving the quality of teacher education programs to better train K-12 teachers, equipping them to get children interested in learning.

Beyond these programs, Dr. Crawford is also enthusiastic about the expanded mission of Citizens & Scholars. “I strongly support the latest emphasis on ‘civic learning for young people’ as a way of preserving the democratic values that are currently under threat,” he said. “I look forward to seeing how this new emphasis will be implemented.”

“Your new name with its focus on Citizens and Scholars is an apt description of what you have been doing creatively and consistently over the 57 years that I have been associated with the Institute,” said Dr. Crawford. It “is the main reason I have been, and will continue to be, a faithful supporter and advocate.”

Citizens & Scholars is grateful for Dr. Crawford’s generosity over time. While most of his gifts have been moderate in size, cumulatively their total is well into the five-figure range. Many thanks to all of our consistent donors—your gifts of every size combine to make an outsized difference in our work!

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