Erica King

2008 Undergraduate Pickering Fellow Erica King grew up knowing that she wanted to help other people. She attributes her sense of duty to her father. His loyalty to the United States throughout his military career inspired her to take on her own path of civil service.

Erica began to seek the attainment of her goal by earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. During her undergraduate tenure, she took an interest in her international relations coursework and began searching for opportunities outside of the classroom environment. Through her research she found the Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship.

She applied and was selected as a Fellow in the Undergraduate Pickering Fellowship (FAF 15). The Pickering Program has provided her with the training necessary to allow her to eventually become a Foreign Service Officer of high caliber. She is grateful for the two internship experiences, domestic and overseas, and for the mentors that the Program provides to assist its Fellows. She knows that her participation in the Pickering Program will help her in her future career in the Foreign Service.


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