Shama Ams, St. John’s University Yamily Arab, Florida International University
Will attend: American University
LaVonda Baldwin, University of Pittsburgh Jorge Benavides, University of San Diego
Will attend: American University
Sophia Berhie, Georgetown University Jack Bisase, University of North Florida
Will attend: American University
Ana De La Cruz, Georgetown University Brittany Carroll, Elon University
Will attend: American University
Carl D’Oleo-Lundgren, University of Connecticut Carolina Chica, The College of New Jersey
Will attend: George Washington University
Nursultan Eldosov, Georgetown University Katie Collins, Eastern Michigan University
Will attend: University of Michigan
Ayanda Francis, Georgia Institute of Technology Katelyn Lucas, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee
Will attend: Marquette University
Salman Haji, Macalester College Juan Germán, Occidental College
Will attend: Carnegie Mellon University
Angell Kim, University of Texas Jacob Glenn, Brigham Young University
Will attend: Georgetown University
Victoria Lewis-Young, Spelman College Ji-Hyeun Kwon-Min, Duke University
Will attend: Fulbright (Spain)
Kevin Moss, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Tara Lewis, Princeton University
Will attend: University of California, Berkeley
Connor Myers, Georgetown University Kate Macken, Rochester Institute of Technology
Will attend: TBD
Alexis Nieves, Wheaton College (MA) Gai (John) Nyok, Virginia Commonwealth University
Will attend: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Elizabeth Pinedo, Northwestern University Chigozie Okocha, Colorado State University
Will attend: University of Denver
Walter Quintanilla, The University of Chicago Vera Partem, Lehigh University
Will attend: University of Pennsylvania
Jose Ramirez Rivera, American University Yasemin Ramadanova, University of Michigan
Will attend: University of Michigan
Ashley Simmons, Claflin University Abdulaziz Said, Syracuse University
Will attend: Harvard University
Kenton Slaughter, George Washington University Emmett Sapp, Georgetown University
Will attend: Princeton University
David Truong, Yale University Tori Stephens, OHIO University
Will attend: TBD
Jeremy Williams, Hendrix College Sandra Zuniga Guzman, University of Richmond
Will attend: Johns Hopkins University


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