12 Month Fellows

Allison Curseen • Boston College, English
Faustina M. DuCros • San Jose State University, Sociology
Teresa Gonzales • Knox College, Anthropology and Sociology
Irvin Hunt • University of Chicago Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, English
Brandon J. Manning • University of Nevada, Las Vegas, African American /Gender & Sexuality Studies
Verónica Martínez-Matsuda • Cornell University, Labor Relations, Law, and History
Stacie McCormick • Texas Christian University, English and American Literature
Stephanie Rivera Berruz • William Patterson University, Philosophy
Claudia Rueda • Texas A&M Corpus Christi, History
Shante Smalls • St. John’s University, English

6 Month Fellows

Yousuf Al-Bulushi • Goucher College, Geographies of Justice and Cultures
Darius Bost • San Francisco State University, Sexuality Studies
Tamara T. Butler • Michigan State University, English
Dana E. Byrd • Bowdoin College, Art History
Jeffrey Coleman • Marquette University, Spanish
Octavio Gonzalez • Wellesley College, English
Rachel Gonzalez-Martin • University of Texas, Austin, Mexican American and Latino/a Studies
Aneeka A. Henderson • Amherst College, Sexuality, Women’s and Gender Studies
Imani Kai Johnson • UC Riverside, Critical Dance Studies
Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers • UC Berkeley, History
Zakiya Luna • UC Santa Barbara, Sociology
Katherine Lu Hsu • Brooklyn College, CUNY, Classics
Imani D. Owens • University of Pittsburgh, English
Cassi Pittman • Case Western Reserve University, Sociology
Elliott H. Powell • University of Minnesota, American Studies
Junaid Quadri • University of Illinois at Chicago, History and Religious Studies
Patrick Rivers • University of New Haven, Music
Daniel Rodriguez • Brown University, History
Rocío Rosales • UC Irvine, Sociology
Shayna Silverstein • Northwestern University, Performance Studies

Adjunct Faculty Fellows

Anita Thompson • Georgia College, Sociology
Rosa Ficek • University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies


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