Angela Addae, The University of Arizona, Sociology

Anita Bateman, Duke University, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

George Blythe, Harvard University, Sociology and Social Policy

Vinita Chadhury, Northwestern University, Anthropology

Wanda Feng, Arizona State University, Physics

Devaka Gunawardena, University of California – Los Angeles, Anthropology

Leslie Jones, University of Pennsylvania, Sociology

Alyssa Lopez, Michigan State University, History

Zachary Manfredi, UC Berkeley, Rhetoric (Political Theory)

Eilin Perez, University of Chicago, History

Shingirai Taodzera, University of Ottowa, International Development

Shondrea Thorton, University of California – Los Angeles, Gender Studies

Anthony Urena, Columbia University, Sociology

Brandi Waters, Yale University, History and African American Studies

Azmar Williams, Harvard University, History

Charnan Williams, University of Michigan, History

Celeste Melody Winston, CUNY, Geography

Sivuyisiwe Wonci, University of South Africa, Sociology


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