Career Enhancement Fellows, 2019

12-Month Fellows

Christina Carney • University of Missouri, Columbia • black studies and women’s and gender studies

Hanna Garth • University of California, San Diego • anthropology

Laura Gutierrez • University of the Pacific • history

Tasha Hawthorne • Berea College • English

Chrissy Lau • California State University, Monterey Bay • history

Jamila Moore-Pewu • California State University, Fullerton • history

Joanna Perez • California State University, Dominguez Hills • sociology

Tacuma Peters • Michigan State University • philosophy and political theory

Mejdulene Shomali • University of Maryland Baltimore County • gender, women & sexuality studies

Gabriela Spears-Rico • University of Minnesota • Chicano and Latino studies


6-Month Fellows

Kemi Adeyemi • University of Washington • gender, women & sexuality studies

Diana Aramburu • University of California, Davis • Spanish and Portuguese

Gabriela Bacsan • Scripps College • foreign languages and literatures

Larissa Brewer-Garcia • University of Chicago • Romance languages and literatures

Kaysha Corinealdi • Emerson College • liberal arts and interdisciplinary studies

Jennifer Eaglin • Ohio State University • history

Freda Fair • Indiana University, Bloomington • gender studies

Robert LaRue • Moravian College • English

Ainsley LeSure • Occidental College • politics

LaTasha Levy • University of Washington, Seattle • American ethnic studies

Meenasarani Linde Murugan • Fordham University • communication and media studies

Patricia Lott • Ursinus College • English, American studies, and African American and Africana studies

Diana Louis • University of Michigan • women’s studies

Kathryn Mariner • University of Rochester • anthropology

Cecilia Marquez • New York University • social and cultural analysis

Ariana Ochoa Camacho • University of Washington Tacoma • interdisciplinary arts and sciences

Katrina Phillips • Macalester College • history

Elena Ruíz • Michigan State University • philosophy

Samantha Sheppard • Cornell University • cinema and media studies

Christopher Tounsel • Pennsylvania State University • history


Adjunct Faculty Fellows

George Aumoithe • Princeton University • history

Tanji Gilliam • University of Pennsylvania • Africana studies


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