Justin Barringer • Southern Methodist University, religious studies
Protest and Politics: A Biographical Theology of Bayard Rustin, Friendship, Charity, and Economic Justice

Tyler Davis • Baylor University, religion
Spirit in the Whirlwind: Discernment, Divine Activity and the Limits of Political Theology

Joanna Demaree-Cotton • Yale University, philosophy
Rehabilitating Moral Agency in the Age of Cognitive Science

Isaiah Ellis • University of North Carolina, religious studies
The Southern Gospel of Good Roads: Religion, Race, and Infrastructure in the United States, 1880–1930

E.C. Feiss • University of California, Berkeley, history of art
Art in the War on Poverty, 1959–1973

Nyle Fort • Princeton University, religion
Amazing Grief: The Politics of African American Mourning

Lara Fresko Madra • Cornell University, history of art and visual studies
The Persistence of Violence: Heterochronic Imagination and Historiography in Contemporary Art from Turkey (1990–2020)

Juliana Friend • University of California, Berkeley, anthropology
“Don’t Click Here!” Porn, eHealth and Radical Ethics of Care in Senegal

Zehra Hashmi • University of Michigan, anthropology and history
Identifying Kin: Biometric Belonging and Databased Governance from Colonial South Asia to Postcolonial Pakistan

Nikki Hoskins • Drew University, religion & society
Everyday Experiments in the Projects:  Urban Black Women’s Moral Visions for Earth

Manpreet Kaur • Columbia University, religion
A Performance History of Farid

Harris Kornstein • New York University, media, culture, and communication
Queer Enchantment: Contours, Cruising, Crystal Visions, and Other Queer Tactics for (Not) Being Seen

Elena Lesley • Emory University, anthropology
Testimony as Moral Performance: Productively assembling the Khmer Rouge past in contemporary Cambodia

Tamar Menashe • Columbia University, history
People of the Law: The Imperial Supreme Court and Jews in Cross-Confessional Legal Cultures in Germany, 1495–1690

Sofia Pinedo-Padoch • Princeton University, anthropology
Life After Death in New York City: An Ethnography of Public Administration

Charlotte Amelia Rossler • Stony Brook University, history
Race Science on Tour: Instructing Publics in Provincial Britain, 1830–1870

Sara Swenson • Syracuse University, religion
“Sharing Hearts”: Buddhist Charities and Urbanization in Vietnam

Lila Teeters • University of New Hampshire, history
Native Citizens: The Fight For and Against Native Citizenship in the United States, 1866–1924

Thomas Thornton • The Johns Hopkins University, anthropology
A Pastoral Prison: Christianity, Ethics, and Place in Cotton County, Alabama

Tara Tran • Johns Hopkins University, history
Hospitality Engendered: Women’s Bodies, Empire, and Humanitarianism in Colonial Cambodia

Annie Wilkinson • University of California, Irvine, anthropology
Securing the Family: Transnational Anti-Gender Activism in Mexico

Hai Xiao • University of Wisconsin-Madison, geography
Spirituality and Subjectivity: Making Sense of Lived Experiences in an African City

Guangshuo Yang • Northwestern University, history
Between the Animal Kingdom and Modern States: Buddhist Animal Protectionism and the Making of Chinese Modernity, 1895-1958


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