12-Month Fellows

Jamall Calloway • University of San Diego, theology and religious studies

Angelica Camacho • San Francisco State University, ethnic studies/criminal justice studies

Melanie Chambliss • Columbia College Chicago, humanities, history, and social sciences

Erica Richardson • Baruch College, CUNY, English

Brittany Hearne • University of Arkansas, sociology and criminology

Katherine Hilson • Carthage College, sociology

Monica Jimenez • University of Texas at Austin, African and African diaspora studies

Guadalupe Marquez-Velarde • Utah State University, sociology, social work, and anthropology

Wendy Muniz • Pratt Institute, social science and cultural studies

Carolina Prado • San Jose State University, environmental studies

Delia Steverson • University of Florida, English

Casey Stockstill • University of Denver, sociology and criminology

Wendy Sung • University of Texas, Dallas, critical media studies

Sharon Tran • University of Maryland, Baltimore County, English

Lisa Young • College of Charleston, English

Isabel Millán • University of Oregon, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies


6-Month Fellows

Hewan Girma • University of North Carolina at Greensboro, African American and African diaspora studies

Alicia Smith-Tran • Texas Christian University, sociology and anthropology

Maisam Alomar • University of Colorado–Boulder, women and gender studies

Adam Bledsoe • University of Minnesota, geography, environment and society

Xiomara Verenice Cervantes-Gómez • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Spanish and Portuguese

Hubert Cook • Connecticut College, English

Patrice Douglass • Duke University, gender, sexuality and feminist studies

Maia Gil’Adi • University of Massachusetts, Lowell, English

David-James Gonzales • Brigham Young University, history

Francis Gourrier • Kenyon College, American studies and history

Jina Kim • Smith College, English and the study of women and gender

Mintzi Martinez-Rivera • Providence College, sociology and anthropology

Lilian Mengesha • Tufts University, theatre and performance studies

Diego Millan • Washington & Lee University, English

Daniel Morales • Virginia Commonwealth University, history

Emily Owens • Brown University, history

Fredo Rivera • Grinnell College, art history

Frances Tran • Florida State University, English

Desiree Valentine • Marquette University, philosophy

Miguel Valerio • Washington University in St. Louis, Romance languages and literatures

Jeremy Williams • Kent State University, geology


Adjunct Faculty Fellows

Lizeth Gutierrez • Macalester College, American studies

Don Thomas Deere • Fordham University, philosophy


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