Mike Amezcua  •  Georgetown University, history
Making Mexican Chicago: From Postwar Settlement to the Age of Gentrification

Philis M. Barragán Goetz  •  Texas A&M University–San Antonio, history
The Borderlands of Inclusivity: Jovita González and the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement

Andrés Castro Samayoa  •  Boston College, educational leadership & higher education
Minority Serving Institutions: Administering Ethnoracial Identities and Education’s Common Good

Charity Clay  •  Xavier University of Louisiana, sociology and African American and diaspora studies
Le Triangle Noir: Lasting Impact of the French Colonial Empire on Port Cities of the African Diaspora

Amira Rose Davis  •  Pennsylvania State University, history
Can’t Eat a Medal: The Lives and Labors of Black Women Athletes in the Age of Jim Crow

Vivian L. Huang  •  Williams College, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies
Surface Relations: Queer Forms of Asian American Inscrutability

Gema Kloppe-Santamaria  •  Loyola University Chicago, history
In the Vortex of Violence: Lynching, Extralegal Justice and the State in Post-Revolutionary Mexico

Ana Muniz  •  University of California-Irvine criminology, law & society
Borderland Circuitry: Immigration Surveillance in the United States and Beyond

Allison Page  •  Old Dominion University, communication and theatre arts; Institute for the Humanities
The Affective Life of Slavery: Race, Media, and Governance

Kyler Sherman-Wilkins  •  Missouri State University, sociology
Social Determinants of Cognitive Functioning Among Diverse Older Adults in the United States

Elena Shih  •  Brown University, American studies
Manufacturing Freedom: Trafficking Rescue, Rehabilitation, and the Slave Free Good


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