Justine Bakker • Rice University, religion
“The Vibrations Are Different Here”: Parahuman Stories in Black Religion

Nimrod Ben Zeev • University of Pennsylvania, history
Foundations of Inequality: Construction, Political Economy, and the Senses in Palestine/Israel, 1918-1993

Courtney Buchkoski • University of Oklahoma, history
Evangelizing Settler Colonialism: Emigration Aid and the American West, 1820-1880

Sarah Buchmeier • University of Illinois at Chicago, English
Quarrels without God: Nineteenth-Century American Literature in the Age of Secularism

Luciana Chamorro Elizondo • Columbia University, anthropology
“Love is stronger than hate”: populist authoritarianism in post-revolutionary Nicaragua

Lucas de Lima • University of Pennsylvania, comparative literature and literary theory
Criminal Spirit: Formations of Race and Religion in the Americas

Jeffrey Dyer • Boston University, musicology and ethnomusicology
Spectral Sounds, Spectral Time: Music and Sound, Ritual, and the Ethics of Historicity in Cambodia

Malay Firoz • Brown University, anthropology
Humanitarianism and the Resilience Paradox: The Ethical Quandaries of Aid in Jordan and Lebanon

Thalia Gigerenzer • Princeton University, anthropology
On Being Close: Changing Ideas of Love and Intimacy in Delhi’s Working-Class Muslim Neighborhoods

Tom Gilbert • University of California, Berkeley, interdisciplinary field studies and rhetoric
From Automation to Autonomy: The Moral Psychology of Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence

Craig Johnson • University of California, Berkeley, history
Theology Against Subversion: Conservative Catholics and Right Wing Paramilitaries after the Second Vatican Council

Brittany Leach • University of Virginia, politics
Death Before Birth: Theorizing Pregnant Embodiment, Reproductive Autonomy, and the Politics of Abortion

Louis Lu • Harvard University, history
The Dustbin of History: Archival Politics in Modern China

Hannah McElgunn • University of Chicago, anthropology and linguistics
Language at the Center of the Universe

María José Méndez • University of Minnesota, political science
The work of violence: Inside Central America’s illicit economies and socio-ethical worlds

Natalie Nesvaderani • Cornell University, anthropology
Visualizing ‘The Child Other’: Youth Advocacy, Ethics, & Independent Filmmaking in Iran

Larkin Philpot • University of Pittsburgh, philosophy
Aristotle on Self-love and Desire

Sarah Riccardi-Swartz • New York University, anthropology
East of Appalachia: The New Russian Turn in American Christianity

Leslie Sabiston • Columbia University, anthropology
Fear of Indigenous (dis)Orders: New Medico-legal Alliances for Capturing and Managing Indigenous Life in Canada

Nadia Sariahmed-Belhadj • Columbia University, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African studies
The Battles of Algiers: popular politics of the Algerian Revolution

Keshav Singh • UNC Chapel Hill, philosophy
Rational Agency and Normative Achievement

Dwight Tanner • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, English and comparative literature
In the End: Apocalyptic Literature, Minoritarian Identity, and Hopeless Futurity

Amy Zanoni • Rutgers University, history
Poor Health: Retrenchment and Resistance in Chicago’s Public Hospital, 1945-2002


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