The first class of Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellows was named in 2015, with the support of the Woodruff Foundation, to create new science and math learning opportunities in the state’s high-need schools. Soon thereafter, the Goizueta Foundation generously established a complementary program for WW Georgia Teaching Fellows, the Goizueta-WW Enrichment Microgrants, which has become Fellows’ most powerful resource for creating those learning opportunities.

The Goizueta-WW Enrichment Microgrants allow WW Georgia Teaching Fellows to write proposals for small amounts of funding to attend or present at professional conferences, buy teaching materials for their classrooms, or complete community-based service learning projects. The microgrants have been enormously successful, as evidenced in the summaries of Fellows’ projects. Summaries from the 2016-17 projects can be found in this booklet, from the 2017-18 projects in this booklet, and from the 2018-19 projects in this booklet.

As the Fellows make clear in their reports, the outcomes have not only strengthened their own teaching and sparked their students’ interest in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math), but have also provided new resources for their colleagues and schools. The Goizueta-WW program includes workshops where Fellows can learn from each other about the work they have done with the Goizueta-WW funds; the May 13 symposium is the latest of these. This gathering provides another opportunity for them to learn from each other, share best practices, and take home new ideas and energy.

The Woodrow Wilson Foundation takes tremendous pride in these Fellows, who have committed themselves to classroom excellence for their students and the communities they serve. We are deeply grateful to the Woodruff Foundation for making it possible to engage these talented people in teaching in the first place, and to the Goizueta Foundation for providing them with this exceptional opportunity to enrich their students’ learning. We trust you will enjoy learning more about these Georgia Fellows’ impressive work as they help thousands of young people create new futures.


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