All MMUF alumni, from new college graduates to tenure-track faculty, are encouraged to join the MMFPN Mentoring Program. Participants range from recent graduates to experienced professionals.  Depending on your goals and expectations, there may be a mentor in the database for you.

The MMFPN Mentoring Program offers short to long-term mentoring engagements that are initiated on a yearly basis.  Mentoring requests can only be sent during the application period.


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The Process

  1. Apply and create your mentee profile.

In order to apply for the MMFPN Mentoring Program, mentees and mentors must complete an online profile.  A complete and thoughtfully prepared profile gives both parties an opportunity to learn about each other in advance.  As a mentee, you will have an opportunity to review the profiles of several mentors.  A potential mentor will have access to your mentee profile only after you have requested him or her as a mentor.  He or she will use your mentee profile to decide whether to accept or decline your request.

Consider your personal interests and/or extracurricular activities, your goals for a mentoring relationship, and what you would want a potential mentor to know about you when completing your mentee profile. The application period is September 19 through October 1.

  1. Requesting a mentor.

Once your profile has been completed and confirmed, MMFPN staff will send you several profiles of potential mentors.

After reviewing the mentor profiles, you will select your preferred mentor(s) and explain your reasons for selecting that particular mentor. The mentor will then receive a request by email, review your MMFPN Mentee Profile, and accept or decline your request.  Mentoring requests can only be made during the period of October 10–14. Mentees are limited to working with one mentor per period.

  1. Receive mentor match and begin mentoring relationship in November.

Once a mentor agrees to work with you (the deadline is October 28), you will receive a formal matching email from MMFPN introducing the two of you. You should plan to send an introductory email to your mentor soon after to initiate communication. Use the materials in the resources section to guide your mentoring partnership agreement, first meeting agenda, and initial discussions.

More Information

The Biennial Conference, held November 3–5, is an excellent chance for you to meet your mentee and receive training at the Mentoring 101 workshop, led by the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

At the end of each term, mentor/mentee pairs will be evaluated and reflected upon.  If mentors and mentees agree that the previous term was successful and that a continued partnership would be mutually beneficial, the mentee can re-request the mentor by contacting MMFPN staff.  If at any point during the mentoring term both mentor and mentee agree to terminate the interaction, please contact MMFPN staff immediately.

If you have specific questions about the mentoring program, contact Program Associate, Yoona Hong, at [email protected] or Mellon Program Officer, Rayna Truelove, at [email protected].

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