* Dissertation titles are subject to change. The titles reflected here were correct at the time the awards were made.

Samuel Anderson • University of California, Los Angeles, World Arts and Cultures/Dance
Celebrity, Violence, and the Mystic Arts in Postwar Sierra Leone

Hannah Barker • Columbia University, History
Egyptian and Italian Merchants in the Black Sea Slave Trade, 1260-1500

Christine Bourgeois • Princeton University, French and Italian
Saintly Asceticism and the Literary Machine: The Many Lives of Saint Anthony the Great

Anthony Byrd • Emory University, Religion
As a Benefit for Mankind: Qādī ‘Abd al-Jabbār’s (d. 1025) Free Will Theodicy

Lang Chen • Yale University, Religious Studies
Elixir or Poison? Indian Origins and Chinese Interpretations of Buddhist Antinomian Narratives

Molly Farneth • Princeton University, Religion
Agon and Reconciliation: Ethical Conflict and Religious Practice in Hegel’s Account of Spirit

Meredith Gamer • Yale University, History of Art
Criminal and Martyr: Art and Religion in Britain’s Early Modern Eighteenth Century

Philippa Hetherington • Harvard University, History
Victims of the Social Temperament: Prostitution and the Campaign against the Traffic in Women in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, 1880-1935

Zain Lakhani • University of Pennsylvania, History
Bodily Harms: Rape and the Political Meaning of Violence in the Age of Human Rights

Roi Livne • University of California, Berkeley, Sociology
Debitum Naturae? The Moral Economies of U.S. End-of-Life Care

Elham Mireshghi • University of California, Irvine, Anthropology
Business with God or Kidneys for Cash: An Ethnography of Moral Uncertainty in Iran

Yasmin Moll • New York University, Anthropology
Producing Islam: Religion, Media and Visuality in Contemporary Egypt

Micah Morton • University of Wisconsin, Anthropology
From Blood to Fruit: Akha Ancestral Burdens and the Pursuit of a Modern Authenticity in Mainland Southeast Asia and Southwest China

Maria Quintana • University of Washington, History
Be Our Guest (Worker): Making Meaning out of Race, Labor and Empire during the U.S. Emergency Labor Programs, 1942-1964

Ayelet Rosen • New York University, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
Ottomanizing a Balkan Province: The Consolidation of Ottoman Power in Bosnia, 1463-1580

Anna Rosensweig • University of Minnesota, French and Italian
Tragedy and the Ethics of Resistance Rights in Early Modern French Theater

Allison Youatt Schnable • Princeton University, Sociology
Voluntary Entrepreneurs: The Growth of Grassroots American Development Organizations

Nathaniel Sharadin • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Philosophy
Understanding Reasons

Caroline Spence • Harvard University, History
Beyond the Black Legend: Spanish Laws and Slavery in the British Empire, 1783-1840

Natalia Suit • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Anthropology
Qur’anic Matters: Mushaf as Object in Cairo

Andrew Ventimiglia • University of California, Davis, Cultural Studies
Spirited Properties and Religious Possessions: Intellectual Property Rights in the American Spiritual Marketplace

Winter Werner • Northwestern University, English
The Gospel and the Globe: Missionary Enterprises and the Cosmopolitan Imagination, 1795-1910

* Dissertation titles are subject to change. The titles reflected here were correct at the time the awards were made.


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