CM Chin CN ’02 • University of California, Davis
John Christman •  Penn State College of Liberal Arts
Stacey Floyd-Thomas •  Vanderbilt Divinity School
Babak Rahimi •  University of California, San Diego
M. Whitney Kelting CN ’94 • Northeastern University



William Bissell CN ’96 • Lafayette College
Michael Cepek CN ’04 • University of Texas
Susan Hyatt CN ’91 • Indiana University School of Liberal Arts at Indianapolis
John Kelly CN ’85 • Anthropology, University of Chicago
Rupert Stasch CN ’97 • University of California, San Diego

Art History

Adrienne Baxter Bell CN ’04 • Marymount University
Ikumi Kaminishi CN ’93 • Tufts University

Asian Studies/Hindu & Buddhist Religions

Francisca Cho CN ’91 • Georgetown

American History

Mary Cygan CN ’84 • University of ConnecticutPaul Harris CN ’82 • Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Kathryn Sklar WF ’65 • State University of New York, Binghamton

Early World History

Barbara Diefendorf • Boston University
Lisa McClain CN ’99 • Boise State

Modern World History

Frances Bradley CN ’09 • The Pratt InstituteMary Gluck • Brown University
Susie Steinbach CN ’94 • Hamline University

American Literature

Gregg Crane • University of Michigan
Lori Merish CN ’91 • Georgetown University
Lee Mitchell • Princeton University

English Literature

David Bleich • University of Rochester
Jean Howard WF ’75 • Columbia University
Paula McQuade CN ’96 • De Paul University
Nancy Yousef CN ’93 • English, City University of New York

World Literature

Gary Saul Morson • Northwestern University

Middle Eastern Studies

Beth Baron WS ‘87 • Graduate Center, CUNY
John O. Voll • Georgetown University

World Art and Culture

Marjorie Becker • University of Southern California
Timothy Rommen CN ’01 • University of Pennsylvania


Charles Courtney • Drew University
James Klagge CN ’81 • Virginia Tech
Gordon Marino CN ’85 • St. Olaf College

Political Science

Peter Dennis Bathory WF ’64 • Rutgers University
James Johnson CN ’88 • University of Rochester
Nancy Love CN ’89 • Appalachian State University


Yaakov Ariel CN ’85 • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
James DiCenso CN ’86 • University of Toronto
Amir Hussain • Loyola Marymount University
Michael Satlow CN ’92 • Brown University
Mark Lewis Taylor • Princeton Theological Seminary
Sumner B. Twiss • Florida State University

Sociology/Psychology/Human Development

Frances Hasso WS ‘96 • Duke University
Randall Horton CN ’04 • Seattle University
Benjamin Justice CN ’00 • Rutgers University
Andrew Perrin CN ‘00 • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

CN = Charlotte W. Newcombe Fellow
WF = Woodrow Wilson Fellow
WS = Woodrow Wilson Women’s Studies Fellow


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