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As a leading producer of teachers in the state of Georgia, the Bagwell College of Education at Kennesaw State University strives to prepare educators to improve student learning within a collaborative teaching and learning community through innovative teaching, purposeful research and engaged service.

Bagwell College plays a leading role in the Educator Preparation Provider (EPP) collaborative group at Kennesaw State, which also includes educators affiliated with nine academic departments in four other colleges. Our programs are nationally recognized and approved by the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The only nationally recognized Middle Grades Teacher Education program in Georgia is at Kennesaw State.

Teacher Preparation at KSU

The Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship at Kennesaw State University is a 15-month/36-credit hour graduate study followed by three years of teaching and mentoring. Preparation extends into the first three years of teaching in urban or rural schools, incorporating induction and mentoring programs that feature ongoing school-university cooperation. The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship at KSU will be uniquely defined by the following characteristics:

  • BCOE-Bireny-Fair-Oaks-dc-43_webA co-teaching model between mentor teacher and Fellow with co-teaching preparation for both the mentor teacher and Fellow
  • Flexible-integrated course delivery
  • University faculty collaboration between content and education experts
  • Discipline specific pedagogy courses facilitated by discipline specific faculty with 6-12 classroom teaching experience
  • Strong community-based mentoring
  • Coaching during the year-long field experience
  • Commitment to diverse learners with opportunities to obtain endorsements or experiences in ESOL, special education, gifted, or Advanced Placement/IB
  • Instructional technology integration
  • Action research embedded performance measures

* Clinical instruction begins in the earliest days of the program, with at least four days per week in schools throughout the program, while providing frequent feedback and giving Fellows increasing responsibilities as teachers.

* Fellows are matched with a highly qualified master teacher mentor, as well as another mentor from the university.

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Schools/Districts Working With KSU

Currently, the schools/districts working with Kennesaw State University and the Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship are (in alphabetical order):


Kennesaw State University is not currently recruiting.


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