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Piedmont College is an independent liberal arts college of approximately 2,600 students with campuses located in Demorest and Athens, Georgia. Founded in 1897, the college offers undergraduate degrees in 50 major areas, master’s degrees in education, nursing and business, and the Education Specialist and Doctor of Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction. Piedmont College prepares a substantial majority of the teachers and school leaders in north Georgia.

Teacher Preparation at Piedmont College

Piedmont’s mission is focused on Mastering the Art of Teaching: Preparing Proactive Educators to Improve the Lives of All Children. Programs prepare educators who can effectively educate their students to become knowledgeable, inquisitive, and collaborative learners in diverse democratic learning communities. Schools of the 21st century require deep-thinking professionals who are prepared to meet the challenges of higher academic standards, increasingly diverse student populations, complex social issues and ever expanding uses of technology. Further, Piedmont recognizes the need for preparing STEM educators who take responsibility for seeking solutions for problems through scholarly work and reflection. The balance of clinical practice with content and pedagogical knowledge forms the foundation of best practice. More information

Piedmontchemistry_webSchools/Districts Working With Piedmont

Piedmont College takes pride in long-standing relationships and offering graduate programs onsite in more than 30 school districts in the State of Georgia. Providing both rural and urban experiences, the Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellows will have opportunities to work in a variety of settings with diverse student populations and highly qualified teachers. Many of Piedmont’s partner districts have, or are in the process of, implementing STEM programs.

Currently, the schools/districts working with Piedmont College and the Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship are (in alphabetical order):

Piedmont college is not currently recruiting.


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