* Dissertation titles are subject to change. The titles reflected here were correct at the time the awards were made.

Catherine Arnold • Department of History, Yale University
Affairs of Humanity: Sovereignty, Sentiment, and the Origins of Humanitarian Diplomacy in Britain and Europe

Chad Córdova • French and Italian, Princeton University
The Being, or Non-Being, of the Self: The Two Moments of French Antihumanism (1660-80 & 1960-80)

Cara Fallon • History of Science, Harvard University
Healthy Forever? Age, Disability, and Modern American Medicine

Abigail Fine • Music, University of Chicago
Objects of Veneration: Music and Materiality in the Composer-Cults of Germany and Austria (1870-1927)

Annie Galvin • English, University of Virginia
Violence and Visual Media in the Contemporary Global Novel

Caroline Garriott • History, Duke University
Coloring the Sacred: Art and Devotion in Colonial Peru and Brazil

Viviana Hong • Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Chicago
Child’s Play and Foul Play: The ‘Dirty War’ in Contemporary Argentine Narratives

Ahmed Ibrahim • Anthropology, Graduate Center of New York
The Shari’a Courts of Mogadishu: Beyond “African Islam” and “Islamic Law”

Ujin Kim • Anthropology, University of Michigan
Ethical Management of Speech among Kazak Nomads in the Chinese Altai

Josefina Lundblad-Janjic • Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Berkeley
Shalamov’s Late Style

Laura McTighe • Religion, Columbia University
“This Day, We Use Our Energy for Revolution”: Black Feminist Ethics of Survival, Struggle, and Renewal in the new New Orleans

Natasha Mikles • Religious Studies, University of Virginia
The Taming of the King: Nyingma Ethical Revitalization and the Gesar Epic in Early Modern Tibet

Jaimie Morse • Sociology, Northwestern University
Documenting Mass Rape: The Emergence and Implications of Medical Evidence Collection Techniques in Settings of Armed Conflict and Mass Violence

Allison Powers Useche • History, Columbia University
Settlement Colonialism: Law, Arbitration, and Compensation in United States Expansion, 1868-1940

William Reed • Near Eastern Studies, Johns Hopkins University
Yahweh’s “Cruel Sword”: The Manifestation of Punishment and the Trauma of Exile

Kali J. Rubaii • Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz
Counterinsurgency and the Ethical Life of Material Things

Francey Russell • Philosophy, University of Chicago
Self-Opacity and Human Agency

Daniella Santoro • Anthropology, Tulane University
Wheelchair Life: Race, Disability and the Afterlife of Violent Crime in New Orleans.

Amanda Scott • History, Washington University in St. Louis
The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Power and Gender in Northern Iberia, 1550-1800

Terrance Wooten • American Studies, University of Maryland, College Park
Lurking in the Shadows of Home: Homelessness, Carcerality, and the Figure of the Sex Offender


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