* Dissertation titles are subject to change. The titles reflected here were correct at the time the awards were made.

Abby Goode • English, Rice University
Democratic Demographics: A Literary Genealogy of American Sustainability

Deneil Hill • History, Binghamton University (SUNY)
Shifting Feminist Visions at the UN: Self-Determination, Sexuality, and Human Rights, 1975–1995

Julie Johnson Searcy • Anthropology/Communication and Culture, Indiana University
When Life and Death Meet: Reproduction in the Context of Chronic Disease

Ayse Neveser Koker • Political Science, University of Michigan
Gendering “East” and “West:” Transnational Politics of Belonging in France and the Ottoman Empire (1718–1905)

Amy Krauss • Anthropology, The Johns Hopkins University
In the Shadow of Law: Healthcare Institutions, Feminist Networks and Reproductive Rights Politics in Mexico

Joan Morgan • American Studies, New York University
The Pleasure Principle: Moving from a Politics of Silence to Politics of Pleasure in Black Feminist Thought

Megan Peiser • English, University of Missouri
British Women Novelists and the Review Periodical, 1790–1820

Cassia Roth • History, University of California, Los Angeles
A Miscarriage of Justice: Reproduction, Medicine, and the Law in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1890–1940)

Jayne Swift • Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, University of Minnesota
Lusty Ladies: A History of Sex Worker Counterpublics, Activism, and Thought

Mitali Thakor • History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, & Society (HASTS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Counter-Networked: Anti-Trafficking, Algorithmic Detection of Child Abuse Images, and Feminist Technology Design


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