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Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) is a private, non-profit institution of 2,500 students, supporting a small university atmosphere within a vibrant Milwaukee, Wisconsin, city neighborhood. MSOE provides a sustained interactive educational climate for students to become well-rounded, technologically experienced graduates and highly productive professionals and leaders. MSOE is at the forefront of professional education with emphasis on blending theory and practice through practical, applied graduate study.

School Leader Preparation at MSOE

MSOE’s Woodrow Wilson MBA Fellows in Education Leadership take part in a new and innovative leadership preparation model that blends key education, business, and leadership knowledge and competencies. The curriculum focuses on preparing a new generation of school leaders to address and eliminate the global student achievement gap.

From program initiation to completion, Fellows take part in authentic learning experiences in the MBA in Education Leadership program that develop and enhance their administrative and leadership capabilities. Fellows will jointly define field projects with school district and program leadership that they will complete to allow them to practice and demonstrate key leadership, education, and business competencies. At program completion, Fellows construct a three-year plan to narrow the student achievement gap, and are assigned mentors who will work with the Fellow throughout the three years to support and integrate new learning in their leadership roles. More information

Schools/Districts Working with MSOE

High-performing schools and school districts, as well as those with high-performing school leaders, will nominate and host Fellows in their schools and districts for the leadership clinical practicum portion of the program. In addition to public school districts in Wisconsin, other partners include Teach for America and HOPE Christian Schools in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.

Tuition and Assistance at MSOE

The cost of tuition and fees for the program is approximately $31,500.



Interviews begin: November 2015


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