Victoria-Diane Allison   •   Wellesley College

Veronica Arellano   •   Texas State University

Racquel Armstrong   •   Wellesley College

Shari Baker   •   Duke University

Victor Cadilla   •   Wesleyan University

Makeda Farley   •   University of Pennsylvania

Charmaine Giles   •   Swarthmore College

Tiffany Gills   •   Emory University

Maribel Gonzalez   •   Pomona College

Ambra Green   •   Texas State University

Himilcon Inciarte   •   Williams College

Nailah Jones   •   Howard University

David Knight   •   Dartmouth College

Kristin Mason   •   Spelman College

Lorena Mataalii   •   Mount Saint Mary’s College

Jasmine McDuffie   •   Spelman College

Zahra Mohamed   •   Wellesley College

Ashly Osbourne   •   Pace University

Olga Pagán   •   Yale University

Estella Reyna   •   Texas State University

Kenia Rosa   •   Mount Saint Mary’s College

Emily Taylor   •   Brown University

Shawdae Thorpe   •   Howard University

Sabine Vilsaint   •   Wesleyan University

Angela Vo   •   Duke University


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