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Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellows, 2018

Joseph Bartzel ● Indiana University Bloomington, religious studies
From Riot to Reconciliation: The Ferguson Commission and the Future of St. Louis

Brian Bond ● The Graduate Center, City University of New York, ethnomusicology
A Heavy Rain Has Fallen Upon My People: Sindhi Sufi Poetry Performance, Ethics, and Islamic Reform in Kachchh, Gujarat

Fernanda Bretones Lane ● Vanderbilt University, history
Spain, the Caribbean, and the Making of Religious Sanctuary

Onder Celik ● Johns Hopkins University, anthropology
Subterranean Dreams: Hunting for Armenian Treasures in the Post-Genocide Landscape

Reyhan Durmaz ● Brown University, religious studies    
Stories, Saints, and Sanctity between Christianity and Islam

Alexander Englert ● Johns Hopkins University, philosophy
Evolving the Highest Good: A Study of a Kantian Idea

Rachael Givens Johnson ● University of Virginia, history
Taught by Senses or Conquered by Words: Baroque and Enlightenment Catholicism in the Spanish Eighteenth Century

Amy Hanes ● Brandeis University, anthropology
Caring for Their Sake: Interspecies Care, Race, and Conservation in Cameroon’s Chimpanzee Sanctuaries 

Amy Kennemore ● University of California, San Diego, anthropology
Searching for Indigenous Justice: Navigating the Value of Legal Pluralism in the Uncertain Terrain of the Bolivian Andes  

Teresita Lozano ● University of Colorado, Boulder, ethnomusicology
Songs for the Ghosts, Saints for the Undocumented: Mexican Cristero Corridos and Transborder Immigration Discourse

Ariella Messing ● Johns Hopkins University, health policy and management
Hyde and Go Seek Funding: Grassroots Abortion Funds in the United States

Jeffrey Nicolaisen ● Duke University, religion
Equality of Life: Thinking with Multi-Species Relationships in Taiwan

Nasrin Olla ● Cornell University, English
Clamoring for Opacity: Contemporary African American Literature

Heath Pearson ● Princeton University, cultural anthropology
The Carceral Outside: Land Loss & Governance in an American Prison Town

Alix Riviere ● Tulane University, history
Bittersweet Childhoods: Enslaved Youth in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana and Martinique

Douaa Sheet ● The Graduate Center, CUNY, anthropology
The Influence of Differential Conceptions of “Dignity” on Transitional Justice Efforts in Post-uprising Tunisia

Larisa Svirsky ● University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, philosophy
Responsibility and Relationship

Erin Torkelson ● University of California, Berkeley, geography
Taken for Granted: Geographies of Social Welfare in South Africa

Isak Tranvik ● Duke University, political science
Existential Revolution: Democracy, Citizenship, and the Source of Popular Politics

Smriti Upadhyay ● Johns Hopkins University, sociology
Sacrifice, Selflessness, and Struggle: Religious Mobilization and the contemporary Indian Labor Movement

Emily Wright ● Tulane University, history
The Female Apostles of the South: Protestant Women’s Religious Activism in the Antebellum Gulf South


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