The Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

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2020 Newcombe Fellows

Justin Barringer • Southern Methodist University, religious studies
Protest and Politics: A Biographical Theology of Bayard Rustin, Friendship, Charity, and Economic Justice

Tyler Davis • Baylor University, religion
Spirit in the Whirlwind: Discernment, Divine Activity and the Limits of Political Theology

Joanna Demaree-Cotton • Yale University, philosophy
Rehabilitating Moral Agency in the Age of Cognitive Science

Isaiah Ellis • University of North Carolina, religious studies
The Southern Gospel of Good Roads: Religion, Race, and Infrastructure in the United States, 1880–1930

E.C. Feiss • University of California, Berkeley, history of art
Art in the War on Poverty, 1959–1973

Nyle Fort • Princeton University, religion
Amazing Grief: The Politics of African American Mourning

Lara Fresko Madra • Cornell University, history of art and visual studies
The Persistence of Violence: Heterochronic Imagination and Historiography in Contemporary Art from Turkey (1990–2020)

Juliana Friend • University of California, Berkeley, anthropology
“Don’t Click Here!” Porn, eHealth and Radical Ethics of Care in Senegal

Zehra Hashmi • University of Michigan, anthropology and history
Identifying Kin: Biometric Belonging and Databased Governance from Colonial South Asia to Postcolonial Pakistan

Nikki Hoskins • Drew University, religion & society
Everyday Experiments in the Projects:  Urban Black Women’s Moral Visions for Earth

Manpreet Kaur • Columbia University, religion
A Performance History of Farid

Harris Kornstein • New York University, media, culture, and communication
Queer Enchantment: Contours, Cruising, Crystal Visions, and Other Queer Tactics for (Not) Being Seen

Elena Lesley • Emory University, anthropology
Testimony as Moral Performance: Productively assembling the Khmer Rouge past in contemporary Cambodia

Tamar Menashe • Columbia University, history
People of the Law: The Imperial Supreme Court and Jews in Cross-Confessional Legal Cultures in Germany, 1495–1690

Sofia Pinedo-Padoch • Princeton University, anthropology
Life After Death in New York City: An Ethnography of Public Administration

Cody Rossler • Stony Brook University, history
Race Science on Tour: Instructing Publics in Provincial Britain, 1830–1870

Sara Swenson • Syracuse University, religion
“Sharing Hearts”: Buddhist Charities and Urbanization in Vietnam

Lila Teeters • University of New Hampshire, history
Native Citizens: The Fight For and Against Native Citizenship in the United States, 1866–1924

Thomas Thornton • The Johns Hopkins University, anthropology
A Pastoral Prison: Christianity, Ethics, and Place in Cotton County, Alabama

Tara Tran • Johns Hopkins University, history
Hospitality Engendered: Women’s Bodies, Empire, and Humanitarianism in Colonial Cambodia

Annie Wilkinson • University of California, Irvine, anthropology
Securing the Family: Transnational Anti-Gender Activism in Mexico

Hai Xiao • University of Wisconsin-Madison, geography
Spirituality and Subjectivity: Making Sense of Lived Experiences in an African City

Guangshuo Yang • Northwestern University, history
Between the Animal Kingdom and Modern States: Buddhist Animal Protectionism and the Making of Chinese Modernity, 1895-1958


Changing the name of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has voted unanimously to rename the organization and to remove Woodrow Wilson from its name; a new name will be announced by early fall.

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