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FOR RELEASE: May 1, 2014

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$25K award recognizes doctoral work on religious and ethical values

PRINCETON, NJ—The role of ethics and religion in shaping caste politics in early modern India; the evolution of American architects’ ethical and professional values throughout the twentieth century; slavery in the Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic—these are just a few of the topics being explored by this year’s recipients of Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships.

The Newcombe Fellowships are awarded to scholars in the humanities and social sciences who are completing dissertations related to questions of religious and ethical values. Selected from a pool of nearly 600 applicants, each of this year’s 22 Newcombe Fellows receives a 12-month award of $25,000. They come from 15 institutions nationwide and include scholars in architecture, anthropology, political science, sociology, history of medicine, religion and more. (See list below).

Funded by the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation, the Newcombe Fellowship was created in 1981. It remains the nation’s largest and most prestigious dissertation award in the field of ethical and religious values. Over the past three decades, the Newcombe Fellowship has supported just over 1,100 doctoral candidates, most of them now noted faculty members at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

“It is a source of pride to the Newcombe Foundation and its Trustees that the Newcombe Fellowships have, over the past 33 years, helped to support the careers of so many impressive scholars, and that their work on ethics and religion has been significant in so many ways,” said Thomas N. Wilfrid, Executive Director of the Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation.

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The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation continues Mrs. Newcombe’s lifelong interest in supporting students pursuing degrees in higher education. It has awarded scholarship and fellowship grants totaling over $50 million since 1981.

Founded in 1945, the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation identifies and develops leaders to meet the nation’s most critical challenges.


Rodrigo Adem  •  Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations , The University of Chicago
An Intellectual Biography of Ibn Taymīya

Ismail Alatas  •  Anthropology and History, University of Michigan
Negotiating Belief:  Disquiet and Doubt in Saintly Situations among Muslims in Contemporary Indonesia

Laura Back  •  Political Science, University of Washington
Rights, Care, and Democratic Ethics

Divya Cherian  •  History, Columbia University
Ordering Subjects: Caste, Vaishnav Devotionalism, and the Administration of Society in Early Modern Marwar, 1650-1818 CE

Yazan Doughan  •  Anthropology, The University of Chicago
Fasad, Authority and the Discursive Production of Reform and Revolution in Jordan

Hassan El Menyawi  •  Sociology, New York University
The Great Reversal

Anna Goodman  •  Architecture, University of California, Berkeley
Citizen Architects: Ethics, Education and the Construction of a Profession, 1933-1993

Amy Hyne  •  Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin
Pathologizing Deviance in India: Constructions of “Madness” in Classical Sanskrit Texts and Contemporary Debates

Ceyda Karamursel  •  History, University of Pennsylvania
The Worlds of Slave Women in the Late Ottoman Empire and Early Turkish Republic, 1858-1933

Jennifer Kling  •  Philosophy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
The State Right of Self-Defense: A Claim in Need of Justification

Philippa Koch  •  History of Christianity, The University of Chicago
Persistent Providence: Healing the Body and Soul in Early America

Arielle Levites  •  Education and Jewish Studies, New York University
Raising Jewish Spirits: American Jews, Religious Emotion, and the Culture of Contemporary American Spirituality

Alexandra Lindgren-Gibson  •  History, Northwestern University
British Working-Class Culture and Family Life in Victorian India: Renegotiating Class, Sexuality and Race, 1858-1914

Katharina Nieswandt  •  Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh
Moral Rights and Social Conventions

Nevila Pahumi  •  History, University of Michigan
Of Women, Faith, and Nation: American Protestantism and the Kyrias School for Girls, Albania, 1891-1933

Amy Rothschild  •  Anthropology, University of California, San Diego
Victims and Veterans: Memory, Nationalism and Human Rights in Post-Conflict East Timor

Tehila Sasson  •  History, University of California, Berkeley
From Empire to Humanity: Technologies of Famine Relief in an Era of Decolonization

Marion Schmidt  •  History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University
Genetic normalcy and the normalcy of difference: hereditary deafness research in 20th century America

Drew Thomases  •  Religion, Columbia University
Making Pushkar Paradise: Religion, Tourism, and Belonging in a North Indian Pilgrimage Town

Vasiliki Touhouliotis  •  Anthropology, The New School for Social Research
Weapons Between Wars: Cluster Bombs and the Durable Worlds of War in South Lebanon

Melissa Vise  •  History, Northwestern University
The Threat of the Tongue: Illicit Speech in Late Medieval Italy, 1250-1450

Susan Zakaib  •  History, The University of Texas at Austin
Built Upon the Tower of Babel: Language Policy and the Clergy in Bourbon Mexico, 1700-1821

* Dissertation titles are subject to change. The titles reflected here were correct at the time the awards were made.


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