C&S President Raj Vinnakota to co-lead America 250 Civics & Civic Engagement Task Force

Washington, DC (Thursday, February 18, 2021)– The U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission announced today that prominent advocates for improving American civic life, Victoria Hughes of Millwood, Virginia and Rajiv Vinnakota of Yarmouth, Maine, will serve as volunteer co-chairs of its Civics & Civic Engagement Task Force. In this role, Hughes and Vinnakota will provide counsel on nonpartisan, civic-minded America 250 programming that furthers the Commission’s vision to actively engage all Americans in the multiyear commemoration.

The Civics & Civic Engagement Task Force will focus on helping to broaden our shared understanding of self-governance as a means to encourage civic dialogue, participation, and service, and empower each American’s individual role in “government by consent of the governed.” As co-chairs, they are also tasked with recruiting other leading experts that will help facilitate the broadest possible participation in civics and education programming.

See the full release here.


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