2018 Goizueta + WW Enrichment Projects: Tiffany Parsons

Metro Atlanta WW Teaching Fellows were able to expand their classroom learning experiences this school year through the WW + Goizueta Microgrants. The microgrants, established in 2015, allow for Fellows to attend or present at professional conferences, buy teaching materials for their classrooms, or complete community-based service learning projects. Tiffany Parsons, a 2016 WW Georgia Teaching Fellow, purchased digital probes to use in her physics and chemistry classes at Southwest DeKalb High School. Her students, as shown in the video above, get a lot out of seeing the data they collect presented visually through the PASCO software.

The microgrants benefit not only the Fellows, but also the schools and communities where they teach, their students, and the other educators with whom they work, providing rich opportunities unusual in high-need schools, even for veteran teachers.

See highlights from this year’s projects in the video above. Read more about the 2017-18 projects here.


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