Fifth National Convening of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows: Equity and Excellence

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In July, nearly 200 Fellows from the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowships gathered in Elizabeth, NJ for two days of networking and professional development. Titled “Equity and Excellence,” this fifth national convening of WW Teaching Fellows kicked off with a keynote panel of noted education leaders who discussed their work and the work of all educators committed to leading classrooms that offer both excellence and equity for students in high-need urban and rural schools and districts. Panelists included Lisette Nieves, a clinical professor of educational leadership and policy studies at NYU Steinhardt, Joseph South, the chief learning officer at ISTE, and Roberto J. Rodriguez, President and CEO of Teach Plus.

Fellows made up the majority of presenters for the breakout sessions on day two. The sessions focused on seven different themes: engaging and motivating students, creative STEM classrooms, using technology to support instruction, strategies for high-impact STEM teaching, project-based learning/service learning, what keeps STEM teachers going, and culturally responsive pedagogy. Fellows also presented their Goizeta+WW enrichment microgrant projects and attended a community voices panel.

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship national convenings happen every other year and offer an expense-paid professional development opportunity for its Fellows. See some sights from the convening in the photo gallery above.


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