Goizueta-WW Enrichment Microgrant Symposium

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Founded in 2015, the Goizueta-WW Enrichment Microgrants Program allows WW Georgia Teaching Fellows to apply for small amounts of funding to attend or present at professional conferences, purchase materials for their classrooms, or complete community-based service learning projects. Over the years, the program has allowed metro Atlanta teachers to create community gardens and drone clubs, purchase classroom sets of circuit boards and scientific probesets, and attend science conferences in Los Angeles and math conferences in St. Louis.

Here are photos and video of some of this year’s projects. You can also read about past projects here and here.

These types of opportunities benefit not only the teachers and students of those who get funding, but extend their reach to other teachers, schools, and whole communities. Each year, WW Teaching Fellows who participate in the enrichment program present their projects to their peers, sharing ideas and getting feedback on how to improve and expand their impact. Above is a selection of photos from this year’s symposium.


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