Higher Education Policy Fellows Convene

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This summer saw the second meeting of the first-ever class of WW Higher Education Policy Fellows in North Carolina. Participants in the program are thought leaders in higher education and policy from Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

Funded by the Henry Luce Foundation, the WW Higher Education Policy Fellowship aims to help higher education policy and practice leaders gain an understanding of commonalities as well as differences between them, seeking to strengthen the former and to develop skills and knowledge to bridge the latter. Fellows seek not only remedies for pressing issues but also a greater mutual understanding of what and how each side thinks. Fellows build their knowledge of their counterparts’ efforts, work to eliminate deleterious stereotypes, and learn how to work more effectively together.

The program brings Fellows together with top thinkers and actors in policy and practice and, at the conclusion of the fellowship year, seeks to create an effective network of participants and successor projects in each participating state.


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